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What are the best activities to do while stoned?

Jun 28, 17 What are the best activities to do while stoned?

Being stoned can make everything a lot more fun, but that does not mean that you should simply do exactly what you always do, you should use this as an opportunity to seek out and do new things, perhaps even things you never thought of doing, be a bit more spur of the moment. I’m not saying go absolutely mental, I’m just saying that if you aren’t scared to step a small toe or two outside of your general comfort zone then you may find it to be very rewarding. We all find the idea of doing things which we don’t normally to be pretty daunting, but you always feel much better for having done it as opposed to how bad you feel if you are not to do it.

It seems like a mountain to climb, both figuratively and sometimes literally, but going on a hike or some sort of walk is actually pretty fun when you’re stoned. Nothing really beats smoking a joint overlooking a large vista with your mates. I mean the only thing that may be a problem is the location of where you live I guess, as not everyone lives near vast expanses of countryside, do not let this deter you, walk around a nice area of your time or city (every urban area should have at least one.) If you are going to walk around in an urban environment, I would probably recommend smoking your herb before heading out, as people/police may persecute or even prosecute you for lighting up on the streets.

If you are looking for more indoor activities then there is no problem with that either, I would recommend, however, doing something a little more productive than simply watching television or a film. Perhaps you should read a book, if you find it hard to concentrate on the small words when stoned or otherwise, then perhaps a graphic novel is good for you. Being stoned always gets my creative juices flowing, so I always enjoy writing and/or drawing after having smoked.

Overall these are merely suggestions, the whole idea surrounding cannabis and cannabis culture is about being relaxed and having the freedom to pursue things that you enjoy at it’s core, I don’t aim to tell you what to do but simply offer some insight into what I like to do and perhaps you may find some inspiration.

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Strain review: White Alien by DNA Grow Your Own

Jun 27, 17 Strain review: White Alien by DNA Grow Your Own

White Alien. Sounds pretty mysterious to me. Seeds from the great beyond. Bud from a galaxy far, far away. Or maybe just seeds from DNA’s Grow Your Own collection. Yeah, let’s go with that, either way, this strain is definitely not something you would want to miss! These seeds have been likened to a fine and rare vintage, meaning they are geared towards real collectors of quality, those who enjoy the finer things.

White Alien is an F1 hybrid cross between the Martian Mean Green and the infamous, classic, original, White Widow. Great yields alongside frosty, resin-covered buds appear with ease, hence why beginners love this strain! However, the expert grower can really push her and maximise the yields as White Alien can handle heavy nutrients and will be forgiving of minor mistakes.

The White Alien marries superb yields to a beautifully relaxing, Sativa-style high. She flowers in just 8 – 9 weeks and will fill the grow space with dank, aromatic promise. The quality is evident in the fragrance and the flavour, but the buzz is the key and will keep you coming on back for more.

Expect shorter flowering plants that frost out early in flower. Large, dense buds provide heavy yields and the leaf-to-bud ratio is so low that trimming time is shortened significantly. White Alien is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that can be used at night or in the evening without excess wakefulness, a lovely, relaxing strain.

Overall with a quick flowering time and the ability to grow well is pretty easy, this means that it is popular amongst beginners and it’s fine taste and unique high make it a favourite for strain experts and connoisseurs.

You can get your hands on some White Alien seeds of your own here.

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Getting high and staying active

Jun 26, 17 Getting high and staying active

People consider stoners and general (even casual) marijuana smokers to be unfit or just not very active as a whole. This may be true in some cases but it doesn’t necessarily have to be for everyone. It is definitely possible to stay fit, healthy and active whilst also getting stoned. I mean, we all love smoking a joint or two and then sitting and lazing around on the couch for a while, but this doesn’t mean we are nor do we have to be lethargic day in and day out. Being active and productive makes these times when we can just sit down, relax and get high all the more precious.

It may seem like a lot of effort at the time, I understand it’s quite difficult to be proactive, but you should not use this as an excuse to not try, in fact, scratch that, do it.

There are many ways to become an active person and living a healthy lifestyle. A great first step is getting up early, whether you start work early in the morning or not, it is massively beneficial to wake up a comfortable amount of time before you are required to actually do anything. This gives you time to eat, wash and relax thus preparing yourself nicely for the day. This may mean that you have to go to bed earlier, but, you will definitely feel much better having woken up early than you would should you go to sleep late.

Another key is exercising. Many people work jobs in offices or something similar where the majority of the day will consist of them being sat down, rarely moving. Therefore simple things like walking to work (if possible) or getting some quick exercises (e.g. weights or running) wherever possible can make a world of difference to your overall health.

Do not let yourself become a stereotype, just because others look at stoners as lazy or unhealthy, you by no means have to adhere to this. It will be much better for the future of cannabis in general if we work to overturn negative stereotypes such as this one. If you see this as unlikely or daunting, then take a look at athletes such as Michael Phelps who advocate the usage of marijuana, it just goes to show that being a stoner does not have to mean you are also lazy.

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Strain Review: Bubblegummer by Female Seeds

Jun 23, 17 Strain Review: Bubblegummer by Female Seeds

Bubblegummer is an exciting cannabis strain. If strains could be sweet and savoury, then Bubblegummer is most definitely sweet, if you couldn’t tell by the name of the strain. This bud is the equivalent of candy when it comes to marijuana, candy cannabis, from the sweet, luxurious tastes it exudes.

Originally, the BubbleGum cannabis was developed by growers in Indiana, USA. From there the genetics moved to New England and eventually Holland. lt has taken many generations to finally produce this stable BubbleGummer with the characteristic sweet smell and euphoric high; the original trademarks of this famous cannabis strain. Female Seeds BubbleGummer feminised cannabis seeds grow vigorously and finish flowering in about 8 weeks. Highly resinous and extra sweet, certain individuals actually display that distinct pink chewing gum scent and flavour. A medium tall, usually not too branchy (sometimes stretchy) cannabis plant, producing compact, crystal covered buds.

When you grow the BubbleGummer you can expect a seed-to-harvest time of 77 days following an unusually vigorous growth period. It is an extremely resinous and super-sweet plant, with crystal-covered buds that bunch compactly around the thick middle and give off a distinctive bubblegum aroma.

The bouquet is described as juicy bubblegum, which is a pretty enticing sounding flavour, as mentioned before your mind wanders towards the thought of sweets as a child. However, with Bubblegummer you cannot blow bubbles which is probably the only downside, but I guess the high makes up for that.

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How to perform simple tasks while you’re stoned

Jun 22, 17 How to perform simple tasks while you’re stoned

Being stoned doesn’t make you completely useless but it does impair you somewhat. It can make you thoughtful and contemplative but it can dull your other senses causing you to find the simplest of tasks difficult. It can naturally make you lazy and lethargic, I know some people don’t like to believe this, but it’s the truth. You can end up sitting, half laying down, on your sofa for hours on end watching television or a film or even playing a game oblivious to the problems of the world, at peace.

This can yield some pretty humorous results, at times problematic, but mostly pretty funny. Mainly in hindsight for any part of the equation not under the influence of marijuana. If you’re stoned at the time, however, you will probably find yourself giggling at the mere prospect of someone suggesting you perform a practical or manual task.

Ok, so let’s say that your significant other wants you to pick up some groceries as you are out of food in the house, the shop is at least a mile or two away from your present location/home. Do you drive? No, of course, you don’t because driving while stoned could yield some very dangerous results, you might say that it’s only a short distance if driven, but there is really no point risking it.

So, do you get a taxi? Well I’m not a massive fan of unnecessary human interaction when I’m stoned plus taxis can also be expensive so it kind of seems like a needless expense.

The best bet would be to walk, walking when you’re stoned can actually be pretty rewarding, it helps you think and it also gives you minor exercise.

Other tasks which may seem daunting when stoned could even be menial housework such as cleaning and tidying. But, in fact, this can actually be kind of nice as your attention to detail on a single task is quite a lot better when you are stoned. You may even find you are better at this when you’re stoned thus it could mean it becomes a thing you do when you’re stoned just to keep that work-play balance.

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Strain review: Carnival by Ministry of Cannabis

Jun 21, 17 Strain review: Carnival by Ministry of Cannabis

When you think of the word carnival, you think of a party and you think of summer, friends, and happiness. So what comes to mind when you hear of a cannabis strain named Carnival? You think of a festival in your mind, a high which feels like a party in your mind, non-stop giggling and pure bliss. At least that’s what I think of. Perhaps I’m a bit too upbeat. But I do believe that’s what the breeders had in mind when they created this strain. The entire process of selection and crossing took place in Spain – a country renowned for its vibrant fiestas!

By blending a mother of Haze and a Sativa-dominant father Ministry of Cannabis have given birth to these Carnival seeds. The outcome of this pairing is a strong Sativa-dominant plant with an unbelievably high THC content of at least 23% which is just brilliant!

Much like a Carnival itself is all too short, this plant’s flowering time is terrifically short, taking only 9 weeks to reach optimum flowering in most circumstances. If you know anything about cannabis growing and genetics then you will be aware that 9 weeks flowering time is ridiculously short especially for a plant with such a Sativa-heavy genetic makeup.

Gardeners can expect yields of 400 – 450 g/m2 indoors or up to 300 g/plant outside. All in all this is a fantastic plant and a great seed to preserve in your collection.

You can buy the seeds here.

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What should you eat if you get the munchies?

Jun 20, 17 What should you eat if you get the munchies?

Often times looking at cannabis seed and strain names is enough to get my mouth watering when you see names like Grapefruit Kush, Blueberry Yum Yum and Strawberry Dream you instantly begin to salivate. This is not the only saliva-inducing effect of cannabis, however, read on to find more.

Cannabis, whilst tasty in and of itself, gives you a taste for something else entirely. Well not even any specific taste really, more so a hunger, a craving for anything and everything tasty you could possibly consume. This craving, for me personally, normally manifests itself in the form of pizza, crisps and sweets, a veritable triple threat of junk food goodness.

Perhaps one of the major things which differentiates marijuana from other substance categorised as ‘drugs’ is the fact that it actually makes you hungry. And, boy does it make you hungry, I mean, you don’t even feel guilty after having shoved a whole cherry pie down your neck after already having eaten a pizza and some chicken nuggets.

Normal me would probably feel guilty should he actually be able to actually stomach all that food within a finite timeframe. Stoned me is more of a doppelganger, not so much in the sense he is evil, but more so that he is more relaxed and open to culinary indulgence. That’s not to say that cannabis turns you into a different person but it definitely calms you and makes you more open to things. In many cases, this means tonnes of food. I have often questioned my vegetarian and vegan friends on how they manage to not gorge on hamburgers and fried chicken after smoking some of the wondrous herb. This does beg the question of what the best stoner food actually is, truth be told, I don’t actually know but I am willing to offer a couple of suggestions and theories.

I guess it really depends on who you are, naturally if you’re a vegetarian I wouldn’t recommend that you turn to fried chicken as soon as you are gripped by the munchies, likewise, I wouldn’t recommend this if you are on any sort of diet for whatever reason.

A great favourite of mine is, I believe, a certified stoner classic and that is the grilled cheese. Simple. Easy. Effective. This seems like the level up from standard snacks like crisps (chips if you’re American) but often it requires little effort. Many homes keep cheese and bread as standard, often times I don’t know I want crisps until I want them if you know what I mean. The majority of the time my craving for crisps kicks in late at night when I’m stoned and requires me walking some distance to the shop to buy some. Cheese, bread, grill/toaster or George Forman-style grill if you have one; the equation is simple and the answer is glorious. Also suitable for vegetarians and you can actually buy vegan cheeses and other products you may use. Consider for a second the flavour diversity possessed by a grilled cheese, you have blue cheese, cheddar, mozzarella, halloumi, the list goes on; cheese is great.

I don’t mean to sound like an uncool mum, but, have you ever eaten fruit when you are stoned? Perhaps the most healthy and actually logical option. Hear me out. It takes almost zero preparation, fruit is generally juicy and therefore deals with the problem of dry mouth also, and you aren’t going to feel guilty if you eat a lot of it. Given fruits nutritional value it is unlikely that you will need copious amounts of fruit to satiate your hunger. Some of my favourites, given my general propensity for sweets, are strawberries and grapes; both of which are sweet and juicy.

Overall, I would say I have offered two very different options, neither of which are utterly detrimental to your health, one not at all really. I think this is at times the key. Another good thing would be easy and quick meals to cook, say a stir fry or a fried egg. You could even prepare a nice salad with enough dressing to make it flavoursome.

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