5 awesome haze strains

Jun 14, 17 5 awesome haze strains

In the weed world there are certain types of bud which hold a lot of weight for numerous reasons. Some of the most reputable include Kush and Diesel. But today we are here to discuss another major player, I am of course referring to Haze, made famous by some of the best free-thinking creatives of the past several decades. Jimi Hendrix made lamenting reference to his favourite smokeable in his classic ‘Purple Haze’ and from that point on the bud became the stuff of legend, immortalised by one of the all time musical greats. So, without further a do, let’s take a look at some of the best strains on offer…


Arjan’s Ultra Haze #2 by Green House Seed Co

Arjan’s Ultra Haze #2 is a strong sativa strain that can essentially grow anywhere, making this one a pretty unique strain, as well as a grower’s dream. With Neville’s Haze and Mango Haze in its lineage, you can understand the quality of the smoke and the amazing psychoactive high delivered by Arjan’s Ultra Haze #2. It has an indoor flowering time of 12 to 13 weeks, however, it will produce high yields of up to 800 g/m2 of some of the fruitiest, most flavoursome sativa on the market. Outdoor yields are amazing, too with a potential yield of up to 1000g per plant.

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Moonshine Haze by Rare Dankness

If I were to tell you that this particular brand of haze won the Cannabis Cup Sativa category in 2011 that would probably be sufficient enough in terms of guaranteeing this bud’s quality, yet, this bud is something I could write paragraphs about, I will attempt to refrain from that but I will give a bit more detail. Amnesia Haze and Neville’s Wreck come together here to create an award-winning sativa plant with a creative, productive high and a strong, heady aroma with notes of tropical fruit punch and pine. Perhaps the only downside would be the average yields produced by this plant, however, it can pretty much grow anywhere which is always a good thing.

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Purple Haze by Ace Seeds

We would look pretty stupid not including this one wouldn’t we? Yeah, we would be remiss not to include the iconic Purple Haze on a list of top haze strains. The Haze was developed in California in the 60s and 70s by crossing some of the best tropical sativas imported during that period. The Purple Haze is Oldtimer’s Haze with exclusively purple phenotypes. We mentioned earlier how this bud even had it’s own song named after it, meaning it will forever stay in the cannabis history books, being one of the most iconic strains of all time.

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Mango Haze by Mr Nice Seedbank

Bud named after fruit is always a winner in my book, whether it be Kush, Haze or otherwise, fruit flavours are good! The Mango Haze is pure class. From its illustrious HTCC winning ancestry to its full flavour and sativa-style high, everything about this plant is pure quality. Growers with more experience in selecting mothers will get the best out of this Haze, with the potential for exceptionally heavy rewards.

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Azure Haze by DJ Short Seeds

Azure is just a nice word, add that to haze and you’ve got a great sounding bud strain! And best of all this plant requires very little effort in terms of growing in comparison to others in a similar category. This is a hard-working hybrid that produces thick, solid buds and with very little effort or expertise needed from the grower. It won’t grow excessively tall, will finish in around 65 days indoors, and has flavours reminiscent of the juiciest of tropical fruits.

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