Blimburn Seed Bank

Dec 30, 16 Blimburn Seed Bank

This month, we shine the spotlight on our favourite Spanish cannabis seed producer: Blimburn Seed Bank.

The collaboration between GYO and Blimburn Seed Bank is a match made in cannabis heaven! Blimburn Seed Bank prides itself in preserving some of the best marijuana genetics in the world, with the focus on quality, taste, and psychoactive effect. Take it’s ‘grand daddy of dank’ Grandaddy Purple for example – a powerful, indica-dominant strain straight out of the top drawer. We receive a lot of enquiries about this strain and that is usually a very good sign! Blimburn Seed Bank’s genetics are truly unique because this breeder doesn’t repackage seeds or produce them for others. In fact, Blimburn’s excellent range of products comes as a result of years of study and experience in the cultivation and breeding of top-quality cannabis strains.

Blimburn Seeds Grandaddy Purple

Grandaddy Purple: a plant of almost unbelievable quality.

It is already establishing itself as a top contender in the seed manufacturing market, with the end goal of changing the way seeds are created and distributed the world over. Needless to say, we are delighted to play our own part in this journey!

According to its website, Blimburn Seed Bank’s primary objective, apart from creating great-tasting genetic strains with high psychoactive levels, is to achieve maximum stability in all of its products. A seed is always more productive than a cutting, and therefore the plants’ stability coupled with the short vegetative stage of just 18 hours of light always makes for excellent results.

Finally, the breeders at Blimburn Seed Bank are staunch believers in the old adage of quality over quantity. That’s why its seeds are always fresh, packaged every two months.

As a means of celebrating this fantastic collaboration, we are offering double Eucalyptus Points on all of our Blimburn range for the whole of January. So don’t delay – add a little Blimburn love to your seed collection today!

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Auto Cannabis Seeds: What Are They?

Mar 25, 16 Auto Cannabis Seeds: What Are They?

Auto Cannabis Seeds: what exactly are autoflowering cannabis seeds? Where can I find the best autoflower cannabis seeds for sale?

Auto cannabis seeds automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage according to age, as opposed to photoperiods that depend on day and night cycles. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are created using the ruderalis gene and show extra hardiness as well as vigour.

Many autoflower cannabis seeds for sale will be ready to harvest in less than 10 weeks from germination, while still delivering a half-decent yield. There are even some so-called super-autos (autos with a high sativa influence) that take a much longer time to mature and reach heights of over six feet.

Autoflowering feminised cannabis seeds are growing in popularity as they are perfect for gardeners with limited time and space, and recent advances have seen autos become better at producing larger yields of good quality, potent marijuana, with very little fuss. Many auto cannabis seeds will produce good-sized yields, even in poor light. That said, the well-known rule that more light equals better results holds true even with autos. It should be noted that yields are dictated by the finished size of the plant and a small crop of dwarf autos grown on a windowsill won’t produce as much as a large-potted crop under big lights. But modern autos do tend to hold their own against normal photoperiod plants, especially if you consider the ease with which they are grown.

Complete beginners to cultivation who wish to attempt their first plant should definitely consider the benefits of autoflowering weed seeds. Check out all the auto cannabis seeds available at GYO Seedbank today, the range is second to none.

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Regular Marijuana Seeds: What Are They?

Mar 24, 16 Regular Marijuana Seeds: What Are They?

Regular Marijuana Seeds: a brief introduction to what makes a marijuana seed regular, and where to buy cheap marijuana seeds online.

Regular marijuana seeds are weed seeds that have an equal chance of producing male or female plants. Their importance has dwindled in recent years owing to the rise in feminised seeds, yet they still have a huge part to play, remaining popular with cultivators who like to produce their own seeds, and with purists who don’t quite trust the feminisation process.

For fans of regular weed seeds there is the twin difficulty of producing their own bud and the stash of seeds for the following year’s crop. That said, the challenge is not too difficult for the experienced hand, and can be quite enjoyable. Male plants are identified and separated from the females, with the pollen taken and stored for later use. The gardener can select the pollen from the best plants and use it to pollinate chosen females.

Once pollinated, the females will start producing seeds, so it is hugely important that the gardener takes steps to ensure his or her entire crop doesn’t become accidentally pollinated. The rewards are, obviously, quite satisfying, but must be measured against the equally obvious risks.

Although regular marijuana seeds have become less popular than they used to be, they remain an important part of the cannabis seed industry. GYO Seedbank has a great range of regular weed seeds for sale – especially if you are looking for cheap cannabis seeds online.

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Feminized Marijuana Seeds: What Are They?

Mar 24, 16 Feminized Marijuana Seeds: What Are They?

Feminized marijuana seeds: What are feminized marijuana seeds, and just what is all the fuss about?

Feminized marijuana seeds are arguably the most important contributor to the cannabis movement in a generation. Feminized weed seeds remove much of the hassle of separating males and females, and limit the risk of pollinated crops.

For gardeners requiring a quick and hassle-free grow, feminized marijuana seeds are the perfect choice. It is easy to imagine medical marijuana users being wary of regs – the fear of identifying the sexes of plants and removing the males swiftly can be quite pronounced (if this process is over-delayed, the males tend to fertilise the females, leading to seeded bud with much fewer trichomes). A single male plant can fertilise an entire crop! Feminized marijuana seeds remove these issues, as no time is spent checking for males, nor energy used in separating and disposing of them once identified.

The exact process of making marijuana seeds feminized is straightforward in theory, but can result in hermaphroditism. Female plants can be made to produce ‘female pollen’ and when this is used to pollinate a female plant, the seeds produced are, in theory, exclusively female. At some point during this process, however, hermaphrodites will have been used (although some seedbanks can feminise using almost ‘pure’ females) and so there is always the risk that these genes will re-emerge somewhere down the line.

While nature is often quicker at adapting than man-made processes can keep up with, most modern feminized plants from reputable breeders show very high levels of success with little risk of hermaphroditism, and have made growing a much more user-friendly experience in recent years.

GYO seedbank has a fantastic range of weed seeds and cannabis seeds for sale, both feminized and regular, and has some of the best prices and amazing deals found anywhere online.

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Skunk Cannabis: A Brief History.

Mar 24, 16 Skunk Cannabis: A Brief History.

Skunk cannabis: everything you need to know about Skunk cannabis seeds and associated Skunk cannabis strains and Skunk weed.

Skunk cannabis is a much-loved strain with origins going way back to the 1970’s, yet its name has grown a wide and wholly inaccurate usage as an alternative, generic term for marijuana. This is in danger of undermining the entire history of the Skunk cannabis strain, so it is important that people become reacquainted with what is one of the classiest strains of all time.

The Skunk name has been supported by certain seedbanks, indeed, Dutch Passion trademarked their own Skunk #1 in order to preserve its true heritage. Other, leading seedbanks have also been keen to stress which of their strains carry a true, Skunk heritage, but there are far too many banks incorrectly labelling their strains as Skunk, when it is clear they are genetically nowhere near.

Original Skunk strains are strong, high-yielding and versatile. They can be grown in all sorts of conditions and will thrive indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. This is marijuana created with potency and yield in mind, and the plant was selected and reselected for its low leaf-to-bud ratio, chunky bud growth and pungent, skunky aroma – evident in all, true Skunks. Lemon Skunk cannabis, when purchased from a reputable breeder, takes this gorgeously funky aroma and adds a citrus twist, highly recommended.

Skunk #1 was refined and stabilised in the 1970’s and has been a full breeding variety at Dutch Passion since 1978. The only arguable downside to the Skunk cannabis strain is that the density of the bud clusters may cause it to be vulnerable to mould towards the end of flowering, but most agree this is a small price to pay for such luxurious growth.

The genetics of Skunk are such that the strain has been used substantially in cross-breeding and in the creation of new hybrids such as Lemon Skunk, Super Skunk and Orange Bud. Its qualities are indisputable and it is little wonder the name has spread as a generic term for any sort of strong, potent weed. It is vital to remain cautious, however, in choosing the right Skunk, and to pay attention to the true genetic heritage of the strain. Sites such as are brilliant sources of this sort of information, and help greatly when trying to choose a Skunk that can trace its breeding directly back to original lines.

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