Stay positive with marijuana

Mar 15, 18 Stay positive with marijuana

By now I am pretty sure we all agree that positivity is essential in life, this extends beyond merely trying to put a positive spin on negative situations, and refers more to being proactive, and doing your best in maintaining optimum physical and mental health. In fact, people may often hide and dismiss negativity under the banner of maintaining a positive attitude, this may be beneficial to you in the short term but will almost always prove detrimental in the long term. I myself have been guilty of this on a number of occasions, however, I now realize (most of the time) that doing this kind of thing will cause me more harm than good in the future. Marijuana is often tarnished by many as a drug for lazy people, however, if you do the right things whilst you’re stoned it can be pretty beneficial.

Now, this pretty much only works if you’re stoned alone or with your significant other/someone who you have a good working and/or creative relationship with. Marijuana can provide you with a healthy dose of enthusiasm towards, well, pretty much anything. As a writer and blogger, I find myself, unintentionally, dedicating whole days to cycles of mild self-loathing and disillusionment before finding the solution in the oddest of places. I often find that this process can be broken down and achieved much easier by merely smoking a joint or having a bong hit and watching or doing something intellectually or emotionally stimulating.

This doesn’t in any way mean you have to do something ‘boring’ but rather merely something that’s essentially not spending your time trawling through social media. For instance for someone who is creative, watching a film or series is great, as your stoned brain will analyze and distil everything you like about it, you may even discover new things you like.

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Where would you not find cannabis?

Mar 05, 18 Where would you not find cannabis?

The title is not simply ambiguous for ambiguities sake, but rather I found that the most general, ‘blanket’ term, if you will, with which to begin this discussion. I am going to look at the countries around the world where cannabis seemingly plays no role in any area of society and you are unlikely to discover any kind of hints or indications that the substance is consumed at all. Naturally it would be ridiculous to presume that nobody in a country smokes cannabis, but I’m sure you can see what I’m getting at.

I recently went to Japan, as you may know Japanese counter-culture is something which is not so easily defined as it is in the west, largely due to most things which would be looked at as bizarre or a bit left field are very prevalent in popular culture all across Japan. This includes comics and other ‘less savoury’ forms of literature and art, alongside this gambling and alcohol are also prevalent as primary vices. On top of this there are dozens of arcades which open til late, you can also smoke cigarettes in most of them, and other forms of entertainment which I imagine would leave me pretty content for a long time. Whether this is the case for Japanese people in general I couldn’t really comment. Moving on from this, I did not see anyone, smell anyone or hear anyone talking about smoking cannabis. Further from this, I didn’t see any head shops (or the equivalent of) and a distinct lack of knock-off cannabis themed products being sold on markets.

Slightly further west in Russia, I always presumed that cannabis would be extremely scarce, the country is hardly known for it’s liberal principals. I was reading an article recently which discussed how you would actually be allowed to carry cannabis with you at Russia’s forthcoming FIFA World Cup providing you could prove it was for medical purposes with the correct paperwork and what have you. And this struck me as quite bizarre even if it is simply medical cannabis, much more accepting towards the substance than I would have expected. Perhaps my assumptions of Russia are spawned from the way the country is talked about/discussed and subsequently viewed in the west.

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The best reads for stoners

Feb 08, 18 The best reads for stoners

In my time running this blog, I find it quite a surprise that i haven’t written a post like this at all, perhaps up until recently I had misconceptions about the amount of people who still read books or perhaps I couldn’t really picture a list that I would call definitive and perhaps I still can’t and perhaps I never will. Anyway, like many art forms, the art of writing and the subsequent reading goes hand in hand with marijuana. The Counterculture movement’s anti-war sentiment helped give birth to the hippie subculture which is long associated with marijuana amongst other drugs. Pioneers of counterculture were mainly writers in some form, from Ken Kesey to The Beats: Ginsberg and Kerouac who helped shape a generation in a haze of marijuana haze. However In this list I am going to try and avoid, where possible, listing the stereotypical and predictable works so as to distinguish this list from others and to open your mind to further reading (hopefully). For example one list I looked at along a similar vein stated that no list of this sort was complete without at least one William Burroughs novel, however because thus far I’ve not really found anything from Burroughs which I would put in my ‘top’ list, although some of his books are out of print and therefore very expensive which means this list may have to be fixed at some point. So without further ado…


R A Lafferty Fourth Mansions

Now Christian Sci-fi writers are a pretty rare thing, however upon reading Lafferty’s Fourth Mansions you will certainly wish they weren’t as rare. Lafferty presents a bizarre world run secretly by multiple secret societies all with different end games and views of how the world should be. The book shows Mexican revolutionaries and resourceful tramps as also being great powers in the world. All this is focalised though Freddy Foley, a journalist, whose bizarre yet witty prose has him referred to as stupid by many of the novel’s characters however it serves to dazzle and engross the reader.


Salvador Plascencia The People of Paper

Barely a decade old, this novel is a relative newbie on this list, however the sheer ingenuity of the innovative way the story is told should guarantee it’s place on any list. The plot details a group of Mexican emigrants attempting to cross the border, while simultaneously fighting a war against ‘Saturn’ who turns out to be a pseudonym for the author. A small synopsis cannot really do this book justice, as the way it is presented and set out helps to mirror the content and possibly surpass it in terms of its bizarreness.


Brendan Mccarthy & Peter Milligan Rogan Gosh

This is the first of two comic books I will include on this list. I find most ‘best reads’ lists to be pretentious due to them generally dismissing comic books or graphic novels. But there’s no way I couldn’t include this. A strange tale featuring a British yob and an Indian waiter going on an adventure, Rudyard Kipling in an opium den and the aforementioned characters ending up in the bizarre realm where the titular character lives. If this does tickle your fancy I’d recommend Mirkin the Mystic also by the same team. All this plus a ton of brightly-coloured painted pages of Brendan Mccarthy artwork to stare at when you’re stoned.


Grant Morrison Doom Patrol

A trippy and surrealist take on DC comics most bizarre characters, essentially a group of superheroes whose powers seem more like disabilities than gifts. This series is jam-packed with ideas splattered across a page in seemingly random fashion, however it made for one of the best reads I’ve ever had. From sentient transvestite streets to a disembodied brain announcing his love to his intelligent gorilla henchman, this run holds nothing back in terms of the strange.

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Strain review: Double Alien 18 by DNA Grow Your Own

Feb 07, 18 Strain review: Double Alien 18 by DNA Grow Your Own

You know when cannabis’ name includes the word ‘alien’ it’s going to be something pretty out of this world (sorry, had to do it) and cosmic. Not surprisingly then, that is exactly what DNA’s Double Alien 18 is. A versatile and ranged plant that is not only strong and stable but also produces brilliant buds which in turn can induce powerful highs.

A super-strong, super-potent and super-stinky gift from the DNA workshop, this Double Alien has been hailed as twice as good as other Kush strains. It has a brilliantly expansive high and an unmatched stability in the growth. DNA fans have come to expect nothing less.

The Double Alien 18 is a re-worked version of one of DNA’s underrated champions, Martian Kush. They took a select pheno of their Martian Kush and backcrossed her into the champion-maker, OG #18. Double Alien 18 takes the Martian flavour and adds an incredible amount of The OG #18 aroma. The growth structure will, however, resemble the Martian Mean Green as Double Alien 18 grows shorter than most OG #18 hybrids and finishes with a rock-hard, swollen buds. This super-strong hybrid brings DNA’s 5-year project to a end. What was once thought to finish at Martian Kush continued to become the relentless future Champion Double Alien 18! This is what makes breeding so fun!

Check out Double Alien 18 here!

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What is the best use for cannabis?

Feb 05, 18 What is the best use for cannabis?

Cannabis, oh wonderful green (or purple, or red, or white etc) cannabis, where would we be without you? What is it that the rest of the world doesn’t see in you? Why are you so looked down upon? These are questions I’m sure many of us have struggled with for the majority of our adult lives. This also brings to mind, if all most people look at is what they perceive as the negatives of cannabis, what does it solve, how is it good?

Don’t get my sentiment wrong here, cannabis is great and I’m going to come up with a few great ways as to why this is so.

Lets get the elephant in the room out of the way to kick things off, yes of course I am referring to the medical potential of cannabis and it’s healing properties. CBD, the non-psychoactive element of cannabis, has proven medical capabilities, however much of this potential has gone largely untapped and under-utilised thus far due to bud’s, at times, tricky legal status. Obviously in countries like Britain cannabis is illegal but CBD oil is not providing it has essentially no THC content. Nonetheless this narrows down the amount of research that can be performed on the substance. Bearing this in mind, while CBD arguably has much more medical potential, we should not rule out THC when it comes to mental illness. The psychoactive properties of THC, if properly utilised, could be put to good use helping people with depression.

Secondly, cannabis is also a proven creative stimulant, we would most likely not have Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle and the rest of his discography if it were not for marijuana gently guiding him into the zone. Not to mention the creative output of Willie Nelson and the late, great Jimi Hendrix.

Cannabis also brings people together, I would most likely not have the great friends I have today were it not for the common third between us being our love of smoking cannabis when we were teenagers.

This is not to say everything is great with cannabis, as with anything, over-usage can prove costly. With the high strength of most street-level cannabis available in modern times, it is important for one to know their limits. This is par for the cause, however, as if were cannabis is legal then it’s strength and contents can be monitored more heavily, meaning it can be made safer and all the bad things can be taken away.

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