Auto Cannabis Seeds: What Are They?

Mar 25, 16 Auto Cannabis Seeds: What Are They?

Auto Cannabis Seeds: what exactly are autoflowering cannabis seeds? Where can I find the best autoflower cannabis seeds for sale?

Auto cannabis seeds automatically switch from vegetative growth to the flowering stage according to age, as opposed to photoperiods that depend on day and night cycles. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are created using the ruderalis gene and show extra hardiness as well as vigour.

Many autoflower cannabis seeds for sale will be ready to harvest in less than 10 weeks from germination, while still delivering a half-decent yield. There are even some so-called super-autos (autos with a high sativa influence) that take a much longer time to mature and reach heights of over six feet.

Autoflowering feminised cannabis seeds are growing in popularity as they are perfect for gardeners with limited time and space, and recent advances have seen autos become better at producing larger yields of good quality, potent marijuana, with very little fuss. Many auto cannabis seeds will produce good-sized yields, even in poor light. That said, the well-known rule that more light equals better results holds true even with autos. It should be noted that yields are dictated by the finished size of the plant and a small crop of dwarf autos grown on a windowsill won’t produce as much as a large-potted crop under big lights. But modern autos do tend to hold their own against normal photoperiod plants, especially if you consider the ease with which they are grown.

Complete beginners to cultivation who wish to attempt their first plant should definitely consider the benefits of autoflowering weed seeds. Check out all the auto cannabis seeds available at GYO Seedbank today, the range is second to none.

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