Berry Bomb by Bomb Seeds

Nov 21, 16 Berry Bomb by Bomb Seeds

Our latest Strain of the Month is an explosive, fruity specimen that’s naturally resistant to mould. It delivers a strong yet manageable high and can grow to epic proportions – particularly outside. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Berry Bomb by Bomb Seeds.

For an explosive array of cannabis strains that really are ‘the bomb’, you need look no further than Bomb Seeds. With a seismic wave-inducing catalogue of top-of-the-range varieties with earth-shattering effects, these guys really mean business. Berry Bomb is one such variety: a plant with an explosive, vigorous growth pattern and the added benefit of a rousing, fruity, berry aroma and taste. This little ripper has it all!

Berry Bomb by Bomb Seeds is an extra-special cross of a hand-selected Blueberry mother which has been paired with the omnipotent Bomb #1 father. The result is truly outstanding: it’s like Blueberry but with bigger yields, higher levels of THC, and, if anecdotal evidence is to be believed, a better taste.

In terms of the growth pattern, the Bomb #1 is the deciding influence here. Its inclusion makes for extreme rapidity, whilst also providing the peace of mind that comes with an easy-to-look-after plant. It works well indoors and out, depending on the needs of the individual grower, and is easier to prune and manicure when compared to the original Blueberry.

This strain produces a fat dominant single cola with large internodal distances and the characteristic fast upward growth that Bomb Seeds are known for. It’s an excellent choice for SCROG set-ups, since it will stay at a medium size when grown indoors. Outside, though, it’s a different story altogether. If left to its own devices, this one can get seriously huge!

Like most purple/blue strains, Berry Bomb by Bomb Seeds will turn blue in the correct conditions (by which we mean cooler, lower temperatures at night). It is naturally resistant to mould, and a great choice for beginners and novices alike. At harvest, buds are super frosty with a sweet berry perfume and taste.
But the burning question here is, of course, ‘What’s the buzz like?’ Well, it’s an indica high with some sativa traits thanks to the Blueberry mother. In other words, it’s a relaxing experience but it’s also mentally uplifting and – provided that doses are kept at sensible levels – it won’t lay you out for the count. A great one to share with friends!

As with all our Strains of the Month, GYO Seedbank is offering double Eucalyptus Points on this fruity, explosive specimen. But this is a limited-time December offer, so act quickly before it goes out with a bang!

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