What is the best way to consume cannabis?

Jul 13, 17 What is the best way to consume cannabis?

Black with two sugars thanks, pal should be the correct answer, however, we are talking about marijuana and not hot drinks, which I’m not entirely sure is regrettable or not as I love weed but I could kill for a black or green tea right now. Oh, I have one, let us begin.

Maybe there is no correct way to consume marijuana, or best way rather, perhaps it is more based on personal preference (duh) and that all methods of consumption are equal. I realise that seems like the most counterintuitive opening salvo for a discussion piece regarding the best ways to get high on marijuana, but I’m sure we’ll be fine.

Now according to some publications, there are over 100 ways to consume da’ herb, Jesus, if this were tea my head would probably explode, yet the ways you can consume cannabis are infinitely more interesting than adding and subtracting sugar and milk from tea. Perhaps, for this reason, I’ll refrain from making any more tea references.

Putting Bud in a bong is perhaps the most common alternative to smoking marijuana in a joint, and to be honest I can understand why. Nothing quite compares to the feeling of sitting for a time and allowing all the smoke to build up before watching it shoot up the glass stem as you inhale it into your lungs.

Vaping is becoming ever the more popular and, to be honest it is pretty nice, could I find a good enough vaporizer for a good enough price I would be very tempted to stop smoking joints and just smoke the vape. At the risk of being labeled as someone who ‘vapes’ it is cleaner and just generally better for you than smoking cannabis.

Looking back at lists wherein the methods top 100 I see that many of them are multiple forms of pipe, bong, and vape. All these different types are fundamentally the same to me, the only way they differ is through the quality. While this is a major thing, the thinking behind each is the same.

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