Blueberry Cannabis: A Brief History.

Mar 23, 16 Blueberry Cannabis: A Brief History.

Blueberry cannabis strains: Everything you need to know about Blueberry cannabis and Blueberry cannabis seeds.

There is a family of strains known for their blue hues and delectable blueberry aromas, of which the Original Blueberry cannabis strain is widely regarded as the flagship variety. It was first introduced to the market in the Netherlands in 1998, having been created by a breeder called DJ Short throughout the 1970s, and subsequently adopted by Dutch Passion.

The story of the Blueberry cannabis strain begins in the United States. DJ Short had collected exotic landrace sativa strains from all over the world and was looking out for certain traits in order to develop his own lines. This involved growing and rejecting hundreds of plants, ironing out the weaker genes and selecting the stronger ones, removing traits such as hermaphroditism that many sativas were (and still are, to a lesser degree) prone to. His painstaking and meticulous efforts created the predecessors of many of the Blueberry weed strains we know and love today.

Classic, Blueberry cannabis seeds grow plants that are indica-dominant, highly resinous and show THC levels just shy of 20%. The sweet taste and aroma of squashed blueberries enhance the deeply relaxing effects to produce a sense of euphoria that lasts and lasts. Medical patients repeatedly choose Blueberry for its analgesic and stress-relieving qualities, while connoisseurs and aficionados appreciate the beautiful colours and consistent stability.

It’s parentage consists of genes from a Thai and Mexican Sativa and an Afghan Indica. These three landraces became the foundations for generations of Blueberry cannabis varieties and their offspring, and Blueberry achieved great recognition with its superb performances in the High Times Cannabis Cup in the early 2000s.

There are hundreds of strains that can claim links to the Blueberry, including Blueberry Kush, Blue Velvet, Blue Moonshine, Blue Heaven and Flo, many of which can be found in The Blue Corner at GYO Seedbank. Blueberry cannabis seeds are among the most well-loved and best-selling strains in the world – which will become your favourite?

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