Dutch Passion Seed Bank

Sep 27, 16 Dutch Passion Seed Bank

Founded in 1987, the award-winning Dutch Passion Seed Bank continues to produce high-quality cannabis seeds. As one of our featured breeders of the month, we put it under the microscope to reveal why it is so popular, and why our customers rate it so very, very highly.

There’s no point in compromising when purchasing a cannabis seed. Whether you’re a collector, grower or smoker, no cannabis seed can be better than the plant that produced it, and no low-quality seed will produce a top-shelf cannabis plant. So choosing quality over quantity is absolutely essential.

One company that’s very well known for its sophisticated approach and extremely high quality product range is the Dutch Passion Seed Bank. Its reputation has flowered and bloomed since it was established 1987, thanks to the team’s mastery of the science of breeding. One of Dutch Passion Seed Bank’s breakthroughs was the feminization of cannabis seeds, and its catalogue now offers many such varieties. Feminized seeds are, without doubt, the most popular selling cannabis seeds on the market. Partly because they produce exclusively female plants with obvious positives in terms of yield, and partly because their unfertilized flowering tops (sinsemilla) possess particularly high levels of THC concentration.

The plants grown from Dutch Passion Seed Bank seeds have gone on to win many prizes in cannabis cup competitions all over the world. The company prides itself on creating and preserving supreme levels of genetic quality, which is why we have decided to offer double Eucalyptus Points on the entire Dutch Passion Seed Bank range!
This offer is only available for October so act fast! Remember, these are seriously high-quality, top-shelf marijuana seeds and you’re unlikely to find better strains at a better price anywhere. Could your new favourite seed be a Dutch Passion Seed Bank seed…? There’s only one way to find out!

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