Breeder of the Month: Vision Seeds

May 31, 17 Breeder of the Month: Vision Seeds

Vision Seeds is one of our favourite breeders. They have a great selection of stunning strains and we are proud to have them as our breeder of the month.

Vision Seeds, a company that is by its own admission deeply rooted in all aspects of Dutch cannabis cultivation, came into existence over 15 years ago as the result of one man’s passion for excellent-quality marijuana. That man is Danny B., the founder of Vision Seeds and the driving force behind its enormous success.

During its formative years, Vision Seeds mainly sold quality genetics from already well-established breeders. However, all of this changed in the summer of 1999 when Herbal Harald joined the team, bringing with him an extensive knowledge of seed production. Under his expert guidance, the Vision Seed Bank quest of experimentation and strain optimisation began.

By using genetics from the best strains around the world, and isolating the most desirable traits in terms of yields, taste, smell, effect, appearance, resistance to disease and overall ease of growth, Vision Seed Bank was able to crossbreed and stabilise the plants resulting in the amazing range of seeds currently available in the company’s catalogue.

Vision Seeds continues to grow at a formidable pace, and has gained huge popularity across Europe and beyond. As a celebration of their success, we are extremely pleased to offer double Eucalyptus Points on all Vision Seeds strains for the whole of June. Now that’s an offer worth shouting about!

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