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Feb 16, 16 Dr Krippling Seed Bank

Dr Krippling Seed Bank. Let’s take a look at the company’s origins, its ethos, and its ex-seed-ingly good strains…

Dr Krippling Seed Bank, wow…there’s no breeder quite like Dr Krippling! The company’s monstrously strong strains are really taking the cannabis world by storm, and, when they’re sampled, it’s easy to see why! The ‘Team Krippling’ ethos is simple: marijuana has been present on planet earth far longer than mankind, and it’s therefore mankind’s duty to preserve weed seeds in order to ensure the genetic survival of the plant.

‘All plants are miracles, especially cannabis,’ says the company’s website. ‘There are many overlooked and suppressed benefits to be unearthed in the near future…’

The members of Team Krippling describe themselves as blissful servants to this wonderful plant. With breeding and proofing stations in several locations throughout Europe, they are currently working their magic on hundreds of different strains from all over the world. Dr Krippling’s breeders have learned techniques and gained a wealth of knowledge from generations of farming, and as much as they share genetics, techniques and co-operate with other seedbanks and breeders, they are committed to seeking their own champion mother and father strains. They do this by popping hundreds of pips from select original breeders and seedbanks, and are always on the lookout for super-performers.

The aforementioned monstrously-strong genetics are a result of Team Krippling’s passion and commitment to quality combined with various growing and breeding techniques, from up to date hydroponics to good old fashioned soil and water. If you name a technique or growing medium then you can guarantee a Dr Krippling breeder is using it. Each breeder works with what he or she knows best, and no toxic chemicals are used on any of the plants used to produce the actual seeds. Indeed, a key ingredient in producing these very potent strains is loving care and devotion to the science that underpins them.

Team Krippling is constantly fine-tuning its ingredients and seeking super-strong genetics in order to produce new high-quality strains, and so the catalogue continues to grow. We are proud to play our part in bringing these awesome seeds to the masses, which is why there are currently double Eucalyptus points on all Dr Krippling strains. It doesn’t get better than this!

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