Breeder of the Month – The Bulldog Seeds

May 02, 17 Breeder of the Month – The Bulldog Seeds

This month, we reflect on our joining-of-forces with the legendary The Bulldog Seeds. Bulldog’s reputation as one of the top seed manufacturers on the planet can be traced back to December 17th, 1975, when Henk de Vries established the first cannabis coffeeshop in the world. He later branded his coffeeshop ‘Bulldog’ in honour of his faithful four-legged friend Joris.

In the four decades since its incarnation, The Bulldog Seeds empire has expanded to include 5 coffeeshops, several cafes and bars, 2 hotels, smoke accessories, a merchandise line, an energy drink and, more recently, a cannabis seed company which offers some of the finest high-quality seeds available.

In fact, The Bulldog Seeds boffins have spent more than 5 years collecting genetics and investing in research and development in order to make sure that only the highest-quality cannabis strains are released in their catalogue.

So what about those seeds, then? Well, three of our favourites are Bubblegum Kush, Energy Haze, and Sour Diesel. The former sees two awesomely potent strains – Bubblegum and Kush – get their freak on in order to create a fantastic indica-dominant specimen. With a high THC content, huge yields, a seriously potent effect and a highly-desired flavour, you’d be mad to miss it!

Energy Haze, on the other hand, has a 30/70 indica/sativa ratio which makes for an uplifting and colourful high that’ll make you grin like a deranged Cheshire cat. It produces good yields and grows well indoors or out. Can’t say fairer than that!

And finally, Sour Diesel. Here, NYC Diesel and Sage Sour Diesel combine to create a mostly-indica hybrid that smells as good as it tastes and tastes as good as it looks! It’s a seriously strong little ripper with relatively high THC levels and a powerful kick to boot. An impeccable plant indeed!

In fact, we are so stoked about The Bulldog Seeds empire that we’re offering – for the whole of May – the added bonus of double Eucalyptus Points on all The Bulldog Seeds strains! Yowza! This is surely an offer too good to resist for seed collectors the world over. It’s worth shouting about so spread the word and get earning those bonus Eucalyptus Points!

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