Can cannabis make everything more fun?

Jul 27, 17 Can cannabis make everything more fun?

I’m sure by now (depending on how old you are) you have essentially done most of the things you regularly done… but on weed. Half Baked reference aside everything (ok, most things) are better when you’re stoned, see the beginning of the film Pineapple Express for a full run-through, as marijuana tends to make you focus less on the negatives and solely keep an open mind, realizing only the positives of the thing you are doing.

The most obvious one is weed makes forms of entertainment, mainly TV programs, and films better, and it sure does to an extent as it helps you make a deeper emotional connection, partly because your stoned brain can only concentrate on a few things at a time. Also when it comes to animated shows (which I find the best) the animation styles can be enticing to the point of near hypnosis.

Another thing many consider to be improved by marijuana is sex, the big three letters that rule many people’s lives. Let’s be honest sex is great and can be made better by being stoned, depending how stoned you are and how much work you have to do.

So overall it could be concluded that sex does indeed make most things more fun, however, it does obviously have its limits. One of the main limits would be you, the person who smokes the marijuana, and your mental state can affect how you are stoned and therefore how good things are when you’re stoned.

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