Can you imagine your last ever joint?

Oct 26, 17 Can you imagine your last ever joint?

Imagine hypothetically that the joint you hold in your hand is to be your last, then imagine further the scenario in your head surrounding who you’d smoke it with, then where you would choose to smoke it, what type of weed you’d smoke (if applicable) and what time of day you’d choose to have it. This is no easy task. Obviously many answers would depend upon what circumstances were forcing you to have your last joint, for instance the world may be about to end, it could be the last bit of weed in existence or you could just be quitting for a personal reason.

If you were experiencing the end of the world then perhaps you would round up everyone you loved and pass the joint around them. Or maybe even one person you loved. In this instance time may be a factor meaning you may not have much choice in terms of location as travelling to the perfect spot may take, literally, ‘all the time in the world’.

The opposite applies if it were the last bit of weed in existence, as you would probably rather wait until the perfect moment in terms of time and space arrived before smoking it.

If you were simply quitting marijuana you’d likely just wanna be around all your buddies who you normally smoke weed with. In terms of location if it were me I’d rather smoke it somewhere in the countryside and probably in the day for the view.

Feel free to let me know how you’d want your last ever joint to happen.

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