Cannabis and the law

Jan 23, 18 Cannabis and the law

With the idea of legalisation in the UK, it is easy to envision a system such as what we are seeing happen in states of America, with marijuana being viewed as medicine, due to the USA being widely considered a counterpart to the UK. However it seems way more likely and a lot more feasible that England and its peers would go more so in the direction of The Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, with concerns to marijuana. This would mean marijuana was decriminalised, not legalized, which would permit it to be smoked in a controlled environment and possessed for ‘personal’ use only. Now just imagine if your ‘local’ was an Amsterdam style coffee shop as opposed to a clapped out old boozer, weird to think about but imagine it anyway.

For starters crime would probably see a slight decrease in terms of the percentage which spawns from drunken brawls and the such. This means you’d probably also be less likely to encounter any interpersonal problems such as arguments or potential fights. I imagine this calming wave stemming from British social life and nightlife would wash over the population somewhat, and ‘chill out’ the nation in general.


Imagine the conversation which would follow a couple of joints in a social pub-like environment, you’d likely find the level of intelligence and interest in terms of conversation would increase tenfold due to the amount of ‘out there’ ideas and thoughts spurred on by marijuana. Instead of some middle aged blokes commenting on how they’d still have sex with Madonna if ‘Hung Up’ came on on the jukebox, you’d have a bunch of people commenting on the use of ABBA’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ as a sample, much more stimulating.

The major drawback of the marijuana industry infringing on the alcohol industry would be that sales of donner kebabs would drop drastically, however this would not necessarily mean major losses for  local business as sales of takeaway pizza and generally nicer takeaway food would probably rise, not to sound pretentious but drunk people will essentially eat anything whereas stoners will eat most things but are generally more mindful and less likely to act out of character (who eats kebabs sober?). Also, on the plus side it also means you are less likely to see the aforementioned donner kebab, regurgitated or otherwise, splattered across the pavement on your way to work on Monday morning.

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