Cannabis Indica: Your GYO Seedbank Guide.

Mar 22, 16 Cannabis Indica: Your GYO Seedbank Guide.

Cannabis Indica: Your GYO Seedbank Guide. Everything you need to know about cannabis indica, comparing indica vs sativa and other types of weed.

Cannabis indica plants are shorter and squatter than their sativa cousins (one metre is typical) with smaller yields but stronger, more potent crops. Indica plants originated around the Middle East, India, Pakistan & Afghanistan and tend to thrive in slightly cooler, more elevated environments. They are darker green and have shorter, fatter leaves.

Indica cannabis plants are perfect for indoor grows. The buds are chunky, heavy and dense, and flowering cycles are usually complete after eight to twelve weeks. Flavours and aromas range from lemony pine through to acrid skunk and sweet, candied fruit. The effects from cannabis indica plants aren’t nearly as cerebral as sativas (which is good to know when trying to choose an indica vs sativa plant) as indicas tend to focus their magic on the body. A good example is the Northern Lights, cannabis indica at its finest (we recommend Sensi). This strain possesses a deeply relaxing stone and is a terrific way to unwind after a tiring, hectic day at work; they are brilliant at treating insomnia, too.

Used in a medical marijuana context, the benefits of cannabis indica include relief from chronic pain, muscular aches and spasms and all types of physical discomfort, and indica cannabis plants are an effective treatment for sufferers of lupus, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia and numerous sleeping disorders.

Those looking for a perfect, sleep-inducing indica could also consider an OG or Bubba Kush, as these genetics possess both superb analgesic properties as well as calming sedative effects. Any pure indica or indica-dominant strain will be a fantastic alternative to heavy pain-killers and sleeping pills, however, and much better than other types of weed at chilling out and relaxing, and taking the edge off even the most stressful of days.

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