Cannabis Ruderalis: Your GYO Seedbank Guide.

Mar 22, 16 Cannabis Ruderalis: Your GYO Seedbank Guide.

Everything you need to know about cannabis ruderalis, cannabis ruderalis seeds, and cannabis ruderalis strains.

A pure cannabis ruderalis cannabis plant is very short, very tough and extremely hardy. Indeed, the very name stems from the root word ruderal (from latin, Rudus – broken stone, rubble) and mirrors the hardiness of the plant. In botanical terms, these plants are so-called on account of their ability to thrive on waste ground and otherwise inhospitable places. They originate from a wide area of Asia and Central/Eastern Europe, but are more predominant in Russia, where they escaped the influence of humans and cultivation to adapt to the extreme environments and more limited growing seasons of the harsher, Russian climate.

These adaptations have proved extremely useful to the modern breeder, and cannabis ruderalis strains have been brought back into the human fold where they have had a profound influence on the latest hybrid varieties.

A pure Cannabis Ruderalis plant will never be more than a metre tall at harvest, and will grow in a ragged and unkempt manner, with small, wide leaves and tiny, dense buds. The most impressive element of these ruderalis plants, however, is their flowering cycle, dictated to by the maturity of the plant as opposed to any photoperiod. Where its indica and sativa cousins have their flowering induced by the hours of sunlight, ruderalis cannabis plants will usually begin flowering less than a month after germination, which is why a modern ruderalis hybrid is known as an ‘autoflowering’ strain.

The latest Ruderalis hybrids are taller, more potent and heavier-yielding than their pure originals, and continue to improve the ever-growing range of cannabis strains, despite not being suited to everybody’s taste. Some of the best-selling strains are cannabis ruderalis hybrids, known as autos, including Big Buddha’s Haze Automatic and Dinafem’s White Widow Auto.

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