Breeder of the Month: Big Buddha Seeds

May 31, 17 Breeder of the Month: Big Buddha Seeds

Based in the UK, but overseeing many projects carried out in the sunnier setting of the Mediterranean, Big Buddha Seeds have established a well-deserved reputation thanks to an enviable catalogue of seed strains that have taken the world by storm. Now, thanks to our June Breeder of the Month promotion, you can benefit from the added incentive of double Eucalyptus Points on all products from this breeder extraordinaire… But act fast, because this is a limited time offer!

The so-called ‘Big Buddha’ has been an integral and important figure in the UK cannabis scene for several years now, thanks in part to his popular columns in Weed World and in part to the great selection of seed products he and his team have pioneered. More than anything else, this company is renowned for producing the infamous Big Buddha Seeds Cheese strain!

In fact, many of the other cannabis strains in the Big Buddha Seeds range centre around this badboy. Aside from the Big Buddha Seeds Cheese, there are many other varieties that can be traced back to this genetic lineage, such as Blue Cheese, Freeze Cheese ‘89, Chiesel, and Bubble Cheese. But there are also a whole load of strains in the range that do not include the Big Buddha Cheese genetic at all, such as Buddha Tahoe, The Kali, Buddha Haze, and G-Bomb. Add to that a sprinkling of autoflowering varieties and it’s safe to say there’s a seed here to suit every taste!

No Breeder of the Month blog would be complete without a run-though of some of our favourites. The Kali grows chunky, short and strong with powerful arms that do well to hold the weight of buds that hang pendulous with delicious resin. The tastes are reminiscent of 80s Afghan and the effects are a lesson in how to feel good!

To create Freeze Cheese ’89, Big Buddha Seeds took an old classic, the Friesland Indica 1989, and married it to a reversed Big Buddha Cheese. The resultant hybrid is a crystal-covered delight that grows in 8 – 10 weeks with hardly any effort from the gardener.

Then there’s Buddha Tahoe. This one is a thick green bush that grows into a virtual rainforest of zesty buds filled with kushy goodness. The Cali Connection team provided the Tahoe parentage and this really comes through in terms of power, potency and taste. It is a truly modern plant and, like pretty much every Big Buddha Seeds strain, one for the aficionados.

But don’t just take our word for it – head on over to the GYO Seedbank right away and check out what’s in store. You might just discover your new favourite seed, and those double Eucalyptus Points won’t stick around forever!

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Breeder of the Month: Vision Seeds

May 31, 17 Breeder of the Month: Vision Seeds

Vision Seeds is one of our favourite breeders. They have a great selection of stunning strains and we are proud to have them as our breeder of the month.

Vision Seeds, a company that is by its own admission deeply rooted in all aspects of Dutch cannabis cultivation, came into existence over 15 years ago as the result of one man’s passion for excellent-quality marijuana. That man is Danny B., the founder of Vision Seeds and the driving force behind its enormous success.

During its formative years, Vision Seeds mainly sold quality genetics from already well-established breeders. However, all of this changed in the summer of 1999 when Herbal Harald joined the team, bringing with him an extensive knowledge of seed production. Under his expert guidance, the Vision Seed Bank quest of experimentation and strain optimisation began.

By using genetics from the best strains around the world, and isolating the most desirable traits in terms of yields, taste, smell, effect, appearance, resistance to disease and overall ease of growth, Vision Seed Bank was able to crossbreed and stabilise the plants resulting in the amazing range of seeds currently available in the company’s catalogue.

Vision Seeds continues to grow at a formidable pace, and has gained huge popularity across Europe and beyond. As a celebration of their success, we are extremely pleased to offer double Eucalyptus Points on all Vision Seeds strains for the whole of June. Now that’s an offer worth shouting about!

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Breeder of the Month: 00 Seeds

May 31, 17 Breeder of the Month: 00 Seeds

As breeders go, nobody does it better than 00 Seeds! With a vast array of seed lines that come packed to the hilt with a license to thrill, these guys certainly know a thing or two about cannabis cultivation and engineering. What’s more, as part of our Breeder of the Month promotion, you can benefit from double Eucalyptus Points on the entire 00 Seeds range for the whole of June!

Let it be known that here at GYO Towers we absolutely love 00 Seeds. This team of Spanish breeders are true grand masters when it comes to producing an exciting array of autoflowering and feminised products for your browsing pleasure. These badass seeds produce plants loaded with exquisite flavours and great potency – there’s something here for everyone!

With an emphasis on maintaining and preserving classic genetic lines, 00 Seeds have nonetheless produced a great selection of innovative new varieties over the years. The catalogue is jam packed with goodies that are sure to bring some colour to any seed stash – and to light up the faces of seed collectors and aficionados the world over.

Three of our favourites include 00 Kush, Bubblegum Auto, and Sweet Critical. The former is an indica-dominant strain that originates from Northern California and is sure to bring a little sunshine to your life. Indoor cultivation is recommended, but the plants also perform well outdoors. With a gorgeous citrus aroma and a devastatingly strong indica stone, this is a plant you’ll want to rave about.

Bubblegum Auto, on the other hand, has the all the benefits of high resin production and a gloriously moreish flavour of strawberries and red fruits. It grows well indoors and out, and produces great yields of really powerful cannabis. With high CBD and THC levels, this is one to smoke when your schedule is clear!

And, finally, Sweet Critical. These awesome, indica-heavy plants have a gorgeously sweet flavour and aroma and can get really tall outside. They also work well indoors, and produce good yields of top-quality cannabis with a powerful yet relaxing full-body effect.

Of course, there are loads more great strains that there isn’t room to talk about here, so head over to the online weed seed shop, browse to your heart’s content, and take advantage of double Eucalyptus Points this June!

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Breeder of the Month: Sensi Seeds – Part One

May 31, 17 Breeder of the Month: Sensi Seeds – Part One

We are delighted to announce Sensi Seeds as our Breeder of the Month for June, and would like to tell you a little more about this wonderful seed bank in a 3 part blog, starting – you guessed it – right now! And what better place to begin than with the man who started it all, Ben Dronkers.

The extent to which parents can impact the likes, loves and predispositions of a child can often be overlooked but for Ben Dronkers the influence is clear. His mother was as keen a gardener as his father was enterprising, and it is little wonder that Ben, the owner and founder of Sensi Seeds, became such a respected figurehead in the cannabis industry.

Ben’s first steps towards international commerce came with a Rotterdam boutique, which he opened in the 1970s to sell exclusively homemade clothes. He began making regular trips to Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan where he sourced textiles but also grew familiar with the versatility of hemp and cannabis in general. Ben had a natural interest in recreational marijuana, and he began to cultivate both his ideas and the cannabis seeds he had been gifted by local farmers, travelling extensively in South East Asia and all over the Asian sub-continent on his quest for genetics.

Ben oversaw the rise, in Amsterdam, of high-quality cannabis over the usual second-rate Moroccan hash, and he began crossing his strains and selecting for attributes such as yield, flowering time, flavour and vigour. He was acutely aware, however, both from his travels abroad and his experiences back home, of the grating dissonance between the prohibitive actions of governments and the peaceable, spiritual philosophies of his fellow weed aficionados. This discord fuelled a rebelliousness in Ben, and he took it upon himself to fight the corner of medicinal and recreational cannabis, to give voice to a generation and to ridicule the tendency of western media to stigmatise both marijuana and industrial hemp.

We are huge fans of Sensi Seeds, of the way they are managed, their philosophy, and most of all, their seeds. As part of this featured serialisation, we are offering double Eucalyptus Points on the entire Sensi Seeds range, including their much-loved Big Bud and Jack Herer strains, for the whole of June.

This is a terrific offer for any fan of high-quality, affordable online marijuana seeds, and spreading the news will earn you lucky devils even more Eucalyptus Points. Sharing is caring!!!

Next week: Ben Dronkers behind bars.

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Breeder of the Month – The Bulldog Seeds

May 02, 17 Breeder of the Month – The Bulldog Seeds

This month, we reflect on our joining-of-forces with the legendary The Bulldog Seeds. Bulldog’s reputation as one of the top seed manufacturers on the planet can be traced back to December 17th, 1975, when Henk de Vries established the first cannabis coffeeshop in the world. He later branded his coffeeshop ‘Bulldog’ in honour of his faithful four-legged friend Joris.

In the four decades since its incarnation, The Bulldog Seeds empire has expanded to include 5 coffeeshops, several cafes and bars, 2 hotels, smoke accessories, a merchandise line, an energy drink and, more recently, a cannabis seed company which offers some of the finest high-quality seeds available.

In fact, The Bulldog Seeds boffins have spent more than 5 years collecting genetics and investing in research and development in order to make sure that only the highest-quality cannabis strains are released in their catalogue.

So what about those seeds, then? Well, three of our favourites are Bubblegum Kush, Energy Haze, and Sour Diesel. The former sees two awesomely potent strains – Bubblegum and Kush – get their freak on in order to create a fantastic indica-dominant specimen. With a high THC content, huge yields, a seriously potent effect and a highly-desired flavour, you’d be mad to miss it!

Energy Haze, on the other hand, has a 30/70 indica/sativa ratio which makes for an uplifting and colourful high that’ll make you grin like a deranged Cheshire cat. It produces good yields and grows well indoors or out. Can’t say fairer than that!

And finally, Sour Diesel. Here, NYC Diesel and Sage Sour Diesel combine to create a mostly-indica hybrid that smells as good as it tastes and tastes as good as it looks! It’s a seriously strong little ripper with relatively high THC levels and a powerful kick to boot. An impeccable plant indeed!

In fact, we are so stoked about The Bulldog Seeds empire that we’re offering – for the whole of May – the added bonus of double Eucalyptus Points on all The Bulldog Seeds strains! Yowza! This is surely an offer too good to resist for seed collectors the world over. It’s worth shouting about so spread the word and get earning those bonus Eucalyptus Points!

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