Strain review: Double Alien 18 by DNA Grow Your Own

Feb 07, 18 Strain review: Double Alien 18 by DNA Grow Your Own

You know when cannabis’ name includes the word ‘alien’ it’s going to be something pretty out of this world (sorry, had to do it) and cosmic. Not surprisingly then, that is exactly what DNA’s Double Alien 18 is. A versatile and ranged plant that is not only strong and stable but also produces brilliant buds which in turn can induce powerful highs.

A super-strong, super-potent and super-stinky gift from the DNA workshop, this Double Alien has been hailed as twice as good as other Kush strains. It has a brilliantly expansive high and an unmatched stability in the growth. DNA fans have come to expect nothing less.

The Double Alien 18 is a re-worked version of one of DNA’s underrated champions, Martian Kush. They took a select pheno of their Martian Kush and backcrossed her into the champion-maker, OG #18. Double Alien 18 takes the Martian flavour and adds an incredible amount of The OG #18 aroma. The growth structure will, however, resemble the Martian Mean Green as Double Alien 18 grows shorter than most OG #18 hybrids and finishes with a rock-hard, swollen buds. This super-strong hybrid brings DNA’s 5-year project to a end. What was once thought to finish at Martian Kush continued to become the relentless future Champion Double Alien 18! This is what makes breeding so fun!

Check out Double Alien 18 here!

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Strain review: Blue Power by Vision Seeds

Dec 27, 17 Strain review: Blue Power by Vision Seeds

Christmas is now over, that means we are in the final days of the year 2017, whether the year has been good or bad for you, it is crucial that you head towards the new year head held high and ready to have your best year thus far! To do that my cannabis-crazy friends you must have power, green and red are the colours of Christmas which is, for now, in our rear view mirror. For the start of something new then maybe you should look to blue as the source of your power.

It may seem that I was just rambling for a bit there, however, I am alluding to Blue Power by Vision Seeds, or attempting to, as the cannabis strain to soothe you in the coming times! I mean, it really does live up to it’s name!

Vision Seeds’ Blue Power seeds is one of the prettiest and most productive cannabis hybrids that Vision have to offer. With a steady hand and a little luck, the Blue Power produces extremely generous yields; she has a dense and robust indica posture with beautiful purple and blue flowers which cure to a soft lavender. She has a smooth smoke with a distinctive fruity flavour and aroma, a taste deliciously dominated by the Blueberry heritage.

The Blue Power historical genetic make-up truly represents genetics from all over the world: from India, Thailand and Mexico to as far as Colombia, this is mainly thanks to DJ Short who, with the development of the Blueberry line, stands at the genetic base of the Blue Power.

The Blue Power, with its punchy THC levels, has a very powerful, uplifting effect. This, coupled with her high levels of CBD, produces a strain extremely well-suited for medicinal purposes. Blue Power does wonders for people struggling with anxiety, stress or migraines and has been used to successfully help control the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention.

If all this sounds appealing to you, check out Blue Power from Vision Seeds!

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The best strains for the Christmas period

Dec 20, 17 The best strains for the Christmas period

Choosing presents can be hard, we all know that, Christmas shopping is expensive and on top of that there are always those people who are just nigh-impossible to buy for. Choosing what cannabis strain is best for you can also prove quite tricky at times, with so many strains available it can be difficult to decide whether or not you would prefer, for example, Lemon Haze or OG Kush. Luckily, at GYO we can’t tell you what to buy as different strains are better for different people and it would be arrogant for us to say otherwise, we can, however, suggest strains that may fit the season. The season being, in this case, the Christmas holidays. So sit back (maybe next to a fire) and check out two of the finest strains which could be perfect for you at Christmas!

Blueberry Bliss

While the holiday season can be stressful, it is often going to be more blissful, spending time with your loved ones and exchanging gifts rarely upsets anyone and often generates a lot of happiness and togetherness for all involved. But just to make sure any of those unwanted stresses don’t creep in and ruin your Christmas, we recommend Blueberry Bliss. Perfect for pain and stress-relief, these amazing seeds are growing increasingly popular in the medical marijuana world. They are pretty easy to grow, will flower any time of year, and produce a plant with intoxicatingly potent flavours and aromas. The high is one of the happiest available and grinners everywhere are flocking to sample this blueberry beauty. Vision Seeds have really delivered with this one!

Get yours now!

Fruit Spirit

Now, you might be thinking, hold on GYO, isn’t this all a bit fruity? Well yeah, I guess it is, but that is because it’s Christmas and you deserve the sweet, fruity opulence of buds like these. An explosion of flavours and tight frosted buds, the Fruit Spirit is a true original and offers tantalising new tastes with every toke. Each plant contains more vitamin C than a truckload of blueberries and the high is pure, soaring sativa. Royal Queen Seeds, take a bow for this one!

Get yours now!

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Strain review: Cream Caramel by GYO Seedbank

Oct 12, 17 Strain review: Cream Caramel by GYO Seedbank

Cream Caramel sounds like a pretty nice dessert to me! Bearing this in mind, it stands to reason that a cannabis strain with such a name would be pretty top notch also. Cream Caramel is a classic cannabis strain with a lot to boast about even in the modern age. Sweet smelling, as it’s name suggests, and the high is said to be dream-like and buzzy, making it the perfect after-dinner treat.

This is the GYO version of a classic strain which has already won multiple awards since being introduced in 2007. GYO Seedbank Cream Caramel feminised cannabis seeds produce a plant that’s mostly-indica in its genetics and produces a medium to high yield: indoor growers can expect around 400 – 500 g/m2 whereas outdoor gardeners can achieve anything from 350 – 600 g/plant. The seeds take about 8 – 9 weeks to grow, and finish outdoors in late September or early October.

The plant is so named for its deliciously creamy flavour and chocolate and caramel aroma. It’s a great one to enjoy after dinner, and it has a really relaxing, chilled out yet uplifting effect thanks to its high THC content.

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Strain review: Fruit Punch by Heavyweight Seeds

Sep 27, 17 Strain review: Fruit Punch by Heavyweight Seeds

Sweet, but with strength to it. A real party starter. These things are what come to mind when you think of Fruit Punch. For me it also reminds of me of American television when I was younger, with most social events being catered with a bowl of fruit punch to kick things off. Perhaps this is my jaded memory looking back in fondness at easier times. Well at least there is something that makes everything easier, and that is Fruit Punch from Heavyweight Seeds.

Heavyweight Seeds Fruit Punch Auto feminised cannabis seeds are sativa-dominant known for being unusually tall for an auto thus the plants take a little longer to finish than their indica and indica-dominant counterparts. They take around 10 – 12 weeks from seed but once you witness the majesty of the finished plant, you will realise that those extra few days’ wait were more than worth it. Giant buds, thick with resin…soft, sweet flavours…enchanting aromas of warm lemon and lime invoking the breeze through a Mediterranean orchard…this is a punch of real class and a very special plant.

Auto Fruit Punch is quick, stable and reliable.  fantastic choice for the novice and a nice, easy option for experienced gardeners looking for a chilled-out grow. The effects are convivial to say the least, with a high that is cerebral, creative and chatty, and one that poses a real danger of extreme, uncontrollable laughter.

The Haze gene is the most dominant with this plant, and fans of Amnesia and Super Silver will absolutely love this strain, as will pretty much everybody else who tries her.

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