Strain review: California Hash Plant by Dinafem

Sep 21, 17 Strain review: California Hash Plant by Dinafem

California Hash Plant. All of that sounds great, from the picturesque, sunny expanses of California, to the Hash element supplying one with the mellow feeling bestowed by the plant. Whether these observations are correct, you will have to read on to find out?

Dinafem California Hash Plant feminized cannabis seeds produce plants with a bush-like, well-branched shape. It’s pure indica and mould-resistant, and the leaves are wide and dark with a short internodal distance. This vital asset improves flower production all over the surface of the branches.

This is a good and fast producer making it a safe bet outdoors. It smells sweet, not too strong, and most enjoyable! It has medium strength and a sedative effect due to its CBD content. In fact, it’s quite similar to the effect of hashish, as its name suggests.

This one tends to have a low psychoactive effect, and calms rather than excites the imagination. It’s therefore a good one to chill out with, and has been used by patients with sleep disorders.

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Strain review: Jack Herer by GYO Seedbank

Aug 22, 17 Strain review: Jack Herer by GYO Seedbank

Jack Herer is pretty much as legendary and iconic as it gets in the cannabis industry. The man was known for leading the fight to legalise marijuana throughout the 70’s and up until his death in 2010. Known as ‘The Emperor of Hemp’ or ‘The Hemperor’ Herer ran for president on two occasions and eventually found himself immortalised in the creation of his own cannabis strain. Said cannabis strain is what we are here to discuss today!

This bud is the crème-de-la-crème of cannabis strains, and is one of the most famous varieties out there. It achieves the perfect balance of a strong sativa high and fantastic indica resin production – this is the type of plant that has to be sampled in order to be believed.

GYO Seedbank Jack Herer feminised cannabis seeds produce a plant that does not disappoint. Its buds are thickly frosted in a carpet of trichomes that extends to spear leaves, fans leaves and even to the stems and stalks. When smoked, there are clear elements of both indica and sativa – it’s relaxing without being too sleep-inducing, creative without being too off-the-wall, and long-lasting without being too intense. A fantastic plant all round and a true legend.

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Strain review: Cyber Crystal by KC Brains Seeds

Jun 29, 17 Strain review: Cyber Crystal by KC Brains Seeds

This little ripper is a mostly indica plant with all the typical indica qualities! Indoors, she’ll reach about 120cm tall and can stretch to 2.3 metres outside. Wherever you decide to grow your KC Brains Seeds Cyber Cristal feminised cannabis seeds, they won’t disappoint you!

This thick, squat, central-cola-dominant beauty has light green, narrow leaves perfectly situated around the stem so that there is enough space and light for buds to fully develop to their glorious potential. When completely matured, these buds are big and heavy and coated in a bed of THC snow. That’s how she got her name!

Her short stature and fast flowering (8 weeks indoors) make Cyber Crystal a painless grow for the lazy closet grower. Wherever you decide to place her, this resinous dwarf shows her full potential when harvest time comes. 750 g/plant outside is average, and you can get extra if you nurture her more. Can’t argue with that!

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Strain review: White Alien by DNA Grow Your Own

Jun 27, 17 Strain review: White Alien by DNA Grow Your Own

White Alien. Sounds pretty mysterious to me. Seeds from the great beyond. Bud from a galaxy far, far away. Or maybe just seeds from DNA’s Grow Your Own collection. Yeah, let’s go with that, either way, this strain is definitely not something you would want to miss! These seeds have been likened to a fine and rare vintage, meaning they are geared towards real collectors of quality, those who enjoy the finer things.

White Alien is an F1 hybrid cross between the Martian Mean Green and the infamous, classic, original, White Widow. Great yields alongside frosty, resin-covered buds appear with ease, hence why beginners love this strain! However, the expert grower can really push her and maximise the yields as White Alien can handle heavy nutrients and will be forgiving of minor mistakes.

The White Alien marries superb yields to a beautifully relaxing, Sativa-style high. She flowers in just 8 – 9 weeks and will fill the grow space with dank, aromatic promise. The quality is evident in the fragrance and the flavour, but the buzz is the key and will keep you coming on back for more.

Expect shorter flowering plants that frost out early in flower. Large, dense buds provide heavy yields and the leaf-to-bud ratio is so low that trimming time is shortened significantly. White Alien is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that can be used at night or in the evening without excess wakefulness, a lovely, relaxing strain.

Overall with a quick flowering time and the ability to grow well is pretty easy, this means that it is popular amongst beginners and it’s fine taste and unique high make it a favourite for strain experts and connoisseurs.

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Strain Review: Bubblegummer by Female Seeds

Jun 23, 17 Strain Review: Bubblegummer by Female Seeds

Bubblegummer is an exciting cannabis strain. If strains could be sweet and savoury, then Bubblegummer is most definitely sweet, if you couldn’t tell by the name of the strain. This bud is the equivalent of candy when it comes to marijuana, candy cannabis, from the sweet, luxurious tastes it exudes.

Originally, the BubbleGum cannabis was developed by growers in Indiana, USA. From there the genetics moved to New England and eventually Holland. lt has taken many generations to finally produce this stable BubbleGummer with the characteristic sweet smell and euphoric high; the original trademarks of this famous cannabis strain. Female Seeds BubbleGummer feminised cannabis seeds grow vigorously and finish flowering in about 8 weeks. Highly resinous and extra sweet, certain individuals actually display that distinct pink chewing gum scent and flavour. A medium tall, usually not too branchy (sometimes stretchy) cannabis plant, producing compact, crystal covered buds.

When you grow the BubbleGummer you can expect a seed-to-harvest time of 77 days following an unusually vigorous growth period. It is an extremely resinous and super-sweet plant, with crystal-covered buds that bunch compactly around the thick middle and give off a distinctive bubblegum aroma.

The bouquet is described as juicy bubblegum, which is a pretty enticing sounding flavour, as mentioned before your mind wanders towards the thought of sweets as a child. However, with Bubblegummer you cannot blow bubbles which is probably the only downside, but I guess the high makes up for that.

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