Stay positive with marijuana

Mar 15, 18 Stay positive with marijuana

By now I am pretty sure we all agree that positivity is essential in life, this extends beyond merely trying to put a positive spin on negative situations, and refers more to being proactive, and doing your best in maintaining optimum physical and mental health. In fact, people may often hide and dismiss negativity under the banner of maintaining a positive attitude, this may be beneficial to you in the short term but will almost always prove detrimental in the long term. I myself have been guilty of this on a number of occasions, however, I now realize (most of the time) that doing this kind of thing will cause me more harm than good in the future. Marijuana is often tarnished by many as a drug for lazy people, however, if you do the right things whilst you’re stoned it can be pretty beneficial.

Now, this pretty much only works if you’re stoned alone or with your significant other/someone who you have a good working and/or creative relationship with. Marijuana can provide you with a healthy dose of enthusiasm towards, well, pretty much anything. As a writer and blogger, I find myself, unintentionally, dedicating whole days to cycles of mild self-loathing and disillusionment before finding the solution in the oddest of places. I often find that this process can be broken down and achieved much easier by merely smoking a joint or having a bong hit and watching or doing something intellectually or emotionally stimulating.

This doesn’t in any way mean you have to do something ‘boring’ but rather merely something that’s essentially not spending your time trawling through social media. For instance for someone who is creative, watching a film or series is great, as your stoned brain will analyze and distil everything you like about it, you may even discover new things you like.

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What is the best use for cannabis?

Feb 05, 18 What is the best use for cannabis?

Cannabis, oh wonderful green (or purple, or red, or white etc) cannabis, where would we be without you? What is it that the rest of the world doesn’t see in you? Why are you so looked down upon? These are questions I’m sure many of us have struggled with for the majority of our adult lives. This also brings to mind, if all most people look at is what they perceive as the negatives of cannabis, what does it solve, how is it good?

Don’t get my sentiment wrong here, cannabis is great and I’m going to come up with a few great ways as to why this is so.

Lets get the elephant in the room out of the way to kick things off, yes of course I am referring to the medical potential of cannabis and it’s healing properties. CBD, the non-psychoactive element of cannabis, has proven medical capabilities, however much of this potential has gone largely untapped and under-utilised thus far due to bud’s, at times, tricky legal status. Obviously in countries like Britain cannabis is illegal but CBD oil is not providing it has essentially no THC content. Nonetheless this narrows down the amount of research that can be performed on the substance. Bearing this in mind, while CBD arguably has much more medical potential, we should not rule out THC when it comes to mental illness. The psychoactive properties of THC, if properly utilised, could be put to good use helping people with depression.

Secondly, cannabis is also a proven creative stimulant, we would most likely not have Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle and the rest of his discography if it were not for marijuana gently guiding him into the zone. Not to mention the creative output of Willie Nelson and the late, great Jimi Hendrix.

Cannabis also brings people together, I would most likely not have the great friends I have today were it not for the common third between us being our love of smoking cannabis when we were teenagers.

This is not to say everything is great with cannabis, as with anything, over-usage can prove costly. With the high strength of most street-level cannabis available in modern times, it is important for one to know their limits. This is par for the cause, however, as if were cannabis is legal then it’s strength and contents can be monitored more heavily, meaning it can be made safer and all the bad things can be taken away.

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Getting high in cold weather

Jan 31, 18 Getting high in cold weather

If you live in England,  Scotland, Wales or either Ireland, you are likely used to/sick of awful, unpredictable weather. When I was younger/when I were a lad, dealing with shitty weather became just another part of the process which came with smoking marijuana, like avoiding areas where police may find you and tell your mum you smoke weed and the actual act of getting the cannabis in a small town could sometimes prove testing. Every so often your mates parents would go away and, foolishly, leave the house unsupervised for you and your mates to vegetate in over a week of getting stoned.

If not you would have to resort to huddling under a bridge like trolls to passers by and feeling cold and normally wet to go alongside the already uncomfortable temperature. It would always take a couple of people to roll the joint, one person to cradle or rack the rizla as the marijuana and tobacco is emptied in and while the designated roller warms his hands up to perform his given task.

The one positive which does arise from this generally long and arduous process is the feeling of relief and gratefulness you feel when the joint is finally licked, sticked and ready to smoke. Nothing really beats the feeling of smoking the fruits of your labours and drifting off into the realm of the weird and interesting, away from all your weather worries.

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Things to be avoided when you’re high

Jan 19, 18 Things to be avoided when you’re high

When you are stoned you are certainly more susceptible to the environment around you as well as being more prone to cravings and urges. These cravings normally manifest themselves in terms of hunger or rather ‘the munchies’ which can be enjoyable, providing you have the means to satiate these urges. In terms of the former point regarding the environment you’re in, when you are stoned you may be affected by being in a negative environment just as you would be in say a positive environment, meaning things can go very well whereas occasionally things can go very badly.

A lot of people who have smoked marijuana for the first time and had bad experiences likely know what I am talking about, for many people it can be things like being pressured into doing something by your mates. This combined with what people have been taught about ‘weed’ as dangerous can lead to them having bad experience and thus blaming the marijuana completely. This also brings me to the time Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow smoked marijuana in a controlled environment to test its strength and danger and found it highly unpleasant. Perhaps Snow failed to realise that no one is entirely at ease in an MRI machine.

So yeah avoid MRI machines and dodgy mates and it should be plain sailing, obviously, if you don’t want to smoke marijuana then don’t do it, you will save yourself the pain and not tarnish the reputation of cannabis.

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I’m not like those guys – why is cannabis even talked about in the same sentence as other drugs?

Jan 15, 18 I’m not like those guys – why is cannabis even talked about in the same sentence as other drugs?

After just reading an article (ok, I skimmed it) about a ‘drugged up driver’ who was caught with cannabis and cocaine, it got me thinking about how and why cannabis is even lumped in with other drugs, for starters it is totally unique. I mean the first and most obvious difference is somewhat superficial, in the sense that cannabis is green and considerably more plant-like than it’s ‘peers’ which generally take the form of white powders or some such other chemical-type substance. The major take-home from this being that cannabis is natural and not the result of some chemical reduction.

Naturally, no pun intended, this means that cannabis is the safer substance and should not only be seen as such but also should be viewed for the immense medical capability it holds that other ‘drugs’ do not. Yes, I know cocaine has been used as an anaesthetic in the past and heroin comes from morphine but these are generally specific one-time basis uses that cannot be sustained daily. Cannabis on the other hand can be used daily for pain relief both physical and mental in the form of CBD or even just plain old marijuana (containing THC.)

And then there are the highs which arise from the drugs. Cocaine or amphetamines are really only going to amp you up, make you want to move about and do drastic things, now I can understand the potential fears here as they can at times make people violent, reckless or aggressive. Now, cannabis has a multitude of different strains and comes in different varieties. For instance Guanabana gives the user more of a cerebral buzz which varies in intensity because it is sativa.

Grapefruit Kush is a much more relaxing and long-lasting high which may make the user giggle but also may clear your mind and help you think, this is because it is primarily indica.

Northern Express  may imbue those who smoke it with a mix, with users being incredibly relaxed and calm while also being highly cerebral and cognitive, this is because it has elements of what is known as cannabis ruderalis which is slightly less common than indica and sativa strains.

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