Smoking cannabis at events and protests

Jan 10, 18 Smoking cannabis at events and protests

It seemed like a better idea to mention an event such as a protest by name as opposed to a gig or some such place you would/may smoke marijuana. We see in America, particularly, that smoking a joint at your first gig or party is almost like a rite of passage, well that’s what movies would have you believe anyway plus most Americans I have ever spoken to seem to have a much more liberal attitude to marijuana than us Brits. Growing up in Britain, commonly, our only exposure to marijuana, up until a certain age, is hearing of arrests in the news or seeing people smoke it in American buddy movies/coming of age films. This means that a lot of the time we have a certain level of expectation for smoking marijuana.

For instance there have been many times when I was younger that we would begin rolling a joint or even have bud on us at parties and this would cause us to be kicked out of a party or just have to be very cautious as people aren’t that open to the idea of smoking marijuana up until the age of around 18, at which point people realise it’s hardly a ‘dangerous drug’ as previously thought. The amount of times I have been looked down upon for smoking marijuana at a party let alone a gig is ridiculous.

Then this brings me onto the topic of protests, over the weekend, as I’m pretty sure you all know, protests have taken place all over the world mainly in opposition to Donald Trump’s misogyny and many, many other flaws and missteps. In all the ones in America I have seen things about people handing out joints and the such with very little hassle from any sort of law enforcement. Yet if that were to happen over here it would be more likely to be documented by the media as an outright breach of law, therefore forcing protests to be shut down etc. Obviously I imagine people were smoking marijuana, however, there was no media documentation as there was in America.

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What doesn’t happen when you’re stoned

Dec 01, 17 What doesn’t happen when you’re stoned

I see tons of articles and write-ups concerning the insane and normally unlikely things people claim to have done whilst stoned, many are obviously not written by stoners, as they make the mistake of acting as if marijuana turns you into some drug-crazed loon as opposed to being slightly more relaxed (physically and/or mentally) and more susceptible to entertainment. However while many are massive exaggerations, there are those things you do when stoned which range from the bizarre to the downright ridiculous. These things normally begin as little things but can spiral out of control as a result of you being stoned. So in this post I will imagine some completely bizarre scenarios in the same vein as those I see on the internet as well as genuine everyday stoner mishaps.

No matter how stoned you get you’re unlikely to be able to identify and relate to articles which read “have you ever been so stoned that you accidentally microwaved your cat?” I have never met anyone who has done anything quite this strange when they’re stoned, although a friend of mine did take a pizza straight from the oven and accidentally drop it on his dog’s face, the only similarity between the two being that they would both take place in the kitchen and harm an animal. I deplore that my friend did not intend to drop the pizza on the dogs face and I would argue that he was probably a bit more upset than the dog, as we all know the pain of seeing a pizza going to waste trumps molten cheese and tomato sauce on the face.

On a similar note (to the pizza on the dogs face) a far more reasonable story would be ‘have you ever been so stoned you’ve forgot you’re foods in the oven?’ or some such topic regarding the loss of/ruining of food when stoned. This is a very touchy subject, until you have felt this pain you should not talk about it. Most if not all stoners can relate to it. It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

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Let’s be honest, there are some areas where you just shouldn’t smoke a joint

Nov 24, 17 Let’s be honest, there are some areas where you just shouldn’t smoke a joint

If you’ve smoked weed since you were young then chances are that you’ve spent plenty of time smoking and loitering on the streets. This would also mean that you have likely smoked joints in the stupidest of places, perhaps because you’re already pretty stoned and it seems like a good idea. However, there are some which are just a bit daft whereas others are just straight up risky.

Your Parent’s House

Smoking weed at your parents house may seem like a good idea, especially when they are away. Have you ever tried smoking a joint at your parents without knowing where they’ve actually gone? I have, I woke up on a Saturday to find the house empty and with no car outside, therefore I presumed my parents would be out for the day and therefore proceeded to roll up and spark a joint sat at my back door. After smoking about 10 tokes of the joint, I heard a car pull up outside and low and behold my parents had only been to the supermarket, I scrambled to put the joint out and very narrowly avoided being caught.

Outside Shops

Yeah it might be useful to be stood right next to a massive source of food and drink when you’re stoned but it’s pretty much a completely stupid idea.The amount of people who pass by a supermarket who would be put off by guys loitering and smoking weed is pretty easy to imagine. So if you are doing this then be prepared for the police to roll up just as you’ve sparked the first joint, if not before.

Outside A Nightclub

This is one that applies more in adult life than as a younger person, as obviously you probably won’t be eighteen if you are knocking about on the streets and smoking weed there. However, there’s been loads of times when my friends have decided to blaze up in nightclub smoking areas or just outside them, and in hindsight it does seem like a stupid idea. Not only because the chances of someone catching you in a nightclub (a bouncer) are pretty high and there’s no escape in nightclubs really so you can’t just run out, because, there are bouncers on the door.

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Why stone overs are nothing to really worry about

Nov 22, 17 Why stone overs are nothing to really worry about

Waking up with a hangover is, in a way, pretty awful, it can change the mood and tone of your whole day. It is pretty much always effective in a negative way, often making your day worse. For  me right now, it is impacting upon my work life, my brain isn’t functioning at full capacity and I’m generally a lot worse off than I would be normally. Alcohol consumption, for me, acts as a sort of perpetuating regret in that every time I drink I regret it the morning after, however, I do quite like drinking but I will not pretend for a second that it’s particularly beneficial for you in any physical way.

In a roundabout way, this brings me to the thought of a stone-over, which is like the quaint alternative to the hangover. If a hangover were to be a city then a stone-over is a village, relaxed and chilled out, not too hectic.

Waking up with a stone-over might make you a bit slower than usual however it’s a nice slow. It makes you drift through the day at a slower pace to everyone else.

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Can you imagine your last ever joint?

Oct 26, 17 Can you imagine your last ever joint?

Imagine hypothetically that the joint you hold in your hand is to be your last, then imagine further the scenario in your head surrounding who you’d smoke it with, then where you would choose to smoke it, what type of weed you’d smoke (if applicable) and what time of day you’d choose to have it. This is no easy task. Obviously many answers would depend upon what circumstances were forcing you to have your last joint, for instance the world may be about to end, it could be the last bit of weed in existence or you could just be quitting for a personal reason.

If you were experiencing the end of the world then perhaps you would round up everyone you loved and pass the joint around them. Or maybe even one person you loved. In this instance time may be a factor meaning you may not have much choice in terms of location as travelling to the perfect spot may take, literally, ‘all the time in the world’.

The opposite applies if it were the last bit of weed in existence, as you would probably rather wait until the perfect moment in terms of time and space arrived before smoking it.

If you were simply quitting marijuana you’d likely just wanna be around all your buddies who you normally smoke weed with. In terms of location if it were me I’d rather smoke it somewhere in the countryside and probably in the day for the view.

Feel free to let me know how you’d want your last ever joint to happen.

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