Would cannabis still be classified as a ‘drug’ if it were legal?

Jan 26, 18 Would cannabis still be classified as a ‘drug’ if it were legal?

Marijuana is looking more and more likely to become legal in this country within the next decade, now that may not seem like a lot, but what you’ve got to remember is that the issue has only really started to become a serious question within the past five or so years. What began as a pipe dream years ago has really gained steam in the past few years, and that is the question of marijuana being decriminalised or legalised in the UK.

We in the UK had to sit in our houses and smoke weed while a brief trip across the pond in Amsterdam people were blazing up all different strains of marijuana and various forms of hash and resin in the comfort of a Coffee Shop. Not that I’m bitter or anything, Amsterdam is a beautiful city, with a very quaint feel, which kind of reminds me of the city I call home. The city is built perfectly for marijuana smokers and those looking for a cultural experience alike.

I digress, the Amsterdam analogy was prescient due to the fact that marijuana is not looked down upon over there, it is the kind of thing that people from all over the societal spectrum do. It is more widely accepted than smoking cigarettes, which is very reasonable, and is the kind of thing that would be included in a night out there. This prospect of marijuana being part of a night out or a majority as opposed to a minority is an exciting prospect. The only reason marijuana is not considered social where drinking is, is due to the fact that it is illegal and therefore has to be done in your home as opposed to in a bar, pub or club.

This brings me round to the thought that maybe if weed were legal the stigma would be removed and people would be more open to trying it, or more importantly accepting of it. Whilst I would prefer people to see the medical benefit which can come from cannabis, it would also nice to see non-stoners not looking down on those who smoke weed and accepting that certain things which are legal, alcohol and cigarettes, are probably a lot worse for you than marijuana.

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Things to be avoided when you’re high

Jan 19, 18 Things to be avoided when you’re high

When you are stoned you are certainly more susceptible to the environment around you as well as being more prone to cravings and urges. These cravings normally manifest themselves in terms of hunger or rather ‘the munchies’ which can be enjoyable, providing you have the means to satiate these urges. In terms of the former point regarding the environment you’re in, when you are stoned you may be affected by being in a negative environment just as you would be in say a positive environment, meaning things can go very well whereas occasionally things can go very badly.

A lot of people who have smoked marijuana for the first time and had bad experiences likely know what I am talking about, for many people it can be things like being pressured into doing something by your mates. This combined with what people have been taught about ‘weed’ as dangerous can lead to them having bad experience and thus blaming the marijuana completely. This also brings me to the time Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow smoked marijuana in a controlled environment to test its strength and danger and found it highly unpleasant. Perhaps Snow failed to realise that no one is entirely at ease in an MRI machine.

So yeah avoid MRI machines and dodgy mates and it should be plain sailing, obviously, if you don’t want to smoke marijuana then don’t do it, you will save yourself the pain and not tarnish the reputation of cannabis.

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Can cannabis help with concentration and productivity?

Dec 12, 17 Can cannabis help with concentration and productivity?

In direct opposition to the classic, lazy, misguided stoner stereotype I fully believe that cannabis can offer some benefits to a person’s concentration and productive output. I’m sure many stoners can vouch for this, you may not be able to multi-task but if you break a list of tasks or objectives down into chunks and perform one after the other, then you will see the benefits of bud on productivity.  

Your horizons and focus can be both broadened and sharpened when pertaining to a particular task. Your mind can run wild with imaginative thoughts or it can maintain a level of composure, being calm and methodical. Either of these states can provide vast benefits to your creative and professional output (yes, the two can be intertwined).

To make full usage of the cognitive boost, one should develop some sort of plan beforehand, the impetus being the need and/or want to complete a task, with a clear goal to aim towards. Said plan need not be too rigid, but it should have a level of clarity in terms of what is expected to be achieved. Now, I’m not suggesting that jobs that require high levels of concentration, e.g. flying a plane, should be performed stoned, I am referring to tasks with little consequence should they unfold different to what you planned.

Naturally, cannabis may not have this effect on everyone, I wouldn’t recommend it as a strategy for those new to the whole bud game but only to those who know their limits and the effect cannabis has on their system and mental state.

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While we’re being all progressive, now is the time for medical cannabis in Britain!

Nov 28, 17 While we’re being all progressive, now is the time for medical cannabis in Britain!

This week has been a pretty big one for Britain, and it’s only Tuesday! Proceedings kicked off with the news that everyone’s favourite underdog cum well-rounded royal, Prince Harry is to marry actress and humanitarian Meghan Markle. This is pretty significant and progressive for a number of reasons, foremost because a woman of colour is marrying into what is arguably the world’s foremost royal family. Secondly, while she is by no means from an impoverished background, Markle is not from the same level of wealth and near-royalty as Kate Middleton, who was genuinely painted as an every-woman when she married Harry’s bro William.

I digress, this is somewhat of a lead-in to the actual point of this piece, but while we are on the topic of progression, why not have a little push towards legalising medical cannabis in Britain?

Well, it’s more than worth a try, in the past couple of weeks Britain has been subject to numerous articles and stories from everyday citizens calling for medical cannabis and/or CBD to be made available on the NHS, to further emphasize this push, the stories have come from the most unlikely of sources, I’m looking at you Daily Mail! And if even The Mail can take time out of it’s busy schedule of intruding into the personal lives of celebrities, making bizarre claims about the most menial everyday things and digging up news on a monarch who has been dead for over 20 years, then maybe it is time the higher-ups began to take notice.

While pushing for a full introduction of medical cannabis in Britain may seem like running before we have even learned to walk, at the very least it seems feasible that we should seriously begin looking at making CBD available on the NHS. For starters, it has no psychoactive capabilities, therefore (Daily Mail readers) your kids are not going to be getting stoned off the stuff. CBD can provide massive benefits to those who deal with physical pain and aches daily, so this would generally apply to a decent portion of Britons.

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Is it time for medical cannabis on NHS?

Nov 06, 17 Is it time for medical cannabis on NHS?

NHS is one of the Britain’s institutions, it’s pride and joy so to speak, we complain about, it may have it’s problems but where would we be without the good old National Health Service?

Well, we would probably be a lot less healthy and worse off physically, we have cheap and easy access to healthcare, accessible to anyone in Britain. This is generally something us brits take for granted, but you only need to look at the debates and arguments surrounding costly health care programs in other countries, I’m looking at you America, to see that we have it pretty good on that front. Long have we feared that out health care services may be snatched away from us in favour of a more privatised system ran by big businesses which would only really ever favour the more elite members of our society.

However, is it time for the NHS to evolve and delve into less explored areas, walk the more unbeaten path if you will, is it finally time for medical cannabis to be available on the NHS?

I think the immediate answer to this is a resounding yes. There is too much evidence which hints favourably at cannabis being beneficial to sufferers of cancers, muscle disorders and mental illness among other things. On top of this, there have already been a number of promising stories from those who have had to look outside of the traditional NHS medication available, in many cases even breaking the law, to secure themselves or their loved ones cannabis-based medication.

This can be seen in the case of Jayla Agbonlahor, niece of Aston Villa striker Gabby Agbonlahor, a 6 year-old girl who was stricken with a mysterious illness that caused her to experience violent seizures. Dumbfounded doctors tried everything they could but nothing seemed to work, however, it was not until her parents decided to go outside the law and treat young Jayla with CBD oil that her condition began to improve. This allowed Jayla to enjoy the simpler things in life which she had been denied from birth, such as sleeping properly, eating and watching kids cartoons.

21 year old student, Kate Munford has been calling for the NHS to introduce medical cannabis after being diagnosed with a brain tumor which keeps coming back. Kate was actually my reason for writing this, given that she is around my age and that traditional medicine has failed her, I feel it is our duty to, if not fully introduce cannabis into health care plans, study cannabis as a form of medicine with an eye to implementing it into treatment plans in a bid to help those suffering from long term illness.

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