Discount Marijuana Seeds: Monster Style!

May 04, 16 Discount Marijuana Seeds: Monster Style!

Discount marijuana seeds are available from most seed banks these days, but at GYO we want to go one better.

We want to give you the most amazing, the premium of premium, the best of the best pot seeds for prices so low they will make your jaw hit the floor. And we have found a way to do just that. Discount marijuana seeds have just taken a turn for the interesting…

We all love to see discount marijuana seeds for sale, but most of the time these are just run of the mill, cheap marijuana seeds for sale. We have found a way to be different. Every week, our team of expert cannabis crackerjacks scours the store room for surplus or promotional stock and gives it a monster makeover. This helps to keep everything fresh and gives us the chance to reduce these lines by up to an incredible 60%. Don’t rub your eyes, no need to pinch yourself, we really do remove up to 60% from premium-quality seeds and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

The discount marijuana seeds available through the monster deal are absolutely perfect for shrewd shoppers that know an unbelievable bargain when they see one. Because the monster deals are based around surplus and superfluous stock, and are available for a limited time, they are sold on a grab ‘em while you can basis. Our advice to you: grab ‘em, now!

Below each deal is a timer and when it hits zero, the offer is gone for good. But don’t fret if you happen to miss one. We add three new deals every single week, with each one receiving up to 60% off its usual, recommended retail price.

There are no limits on what type of strains we can include in our monster deals, and every week we try to include a regular weed seed, a feminized cannabis seed and an autoflowering pot seed. Nor do we restrict ourselves to sativa weed seeds, indica marijuana seeds or hybrids – we have it all, including some world-renowned medicinal cannabis strains. Previous monster mash-ups have featured Greenhouse Seed Co. Bubba Kush – a sweet-smelling, super-strong stunner of a plant, and Resin’s super-scrummy Yummy – a G13 Haze crossed with the ultra-relaxing Yumboldt.

The monster deals are a brilliant way to turn first-class, blue-chip pot seeds into cheap cannabis seeds that everyone can afford. They are a superb way to try something different, to top up the store room, or simply to get hold of a truly exemplary marijuana strain for a massively scaled down price. It’s no surprise that everybody’s gone to GYO!

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Marijuana Seed Deals: the Best Daily Deals at GYO Seedbank.

May 04, 16 Marijuana Seed Deals: the Best Daily Deals at GYO Seedbank.

Daily marijuana seed deals are just what you deserve, and we want to give you the very best deals from our superb catalogue of cannabis strains.

We all love a bargain and at GYO, we want to give you the best bargains possible. Our daily marijuana seed deals are tailor-made for opportunistic shoppers that know a great deal when they see one. These deals are based around contingent stock and are available for a limited time; they are perfect for keen-eyed sharp-shooters because they are in high demand and they don’t stick around forever. Below each deal is a timer and when it hits zero, the offer is gone for good. But don’t fret if you miss one! We add three new deals every single day and each one sees a 25-35% reduction in the price of what could turn out to be your new favourite strain.

There are no restrictions on what types of strain can be included in our daily deals, and every day we try to include a regular cannabis seed, a feminized marijuana seed and an autoflowering weed seed. Nor do we limit ourselves to sativa cannabis seeds, indica cannabis seeds or hybrids – we have everything, including some hugely popular medical marijuana strains. Previous daily dealers include Dutch Passion’s Passion #1 – a truly gargantuan monster of a plant, and our very own Super Lemon Haze – a superbly citrus strain with a fast flowering time and a soaring, hugely enjoyable, sativa-style high.

The daily deals are the best way to turn top-drawer, premium-quality weed seeds into cheap marijuana seeds that everyone can afford. They are a great way to try something new, to stock in as back-up, or simply to acquire a truly exceptional cannabis strain for a knock-down price. To see what daily deals are available right now, visit the world’s favourite seedbank, GYO.

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Free Cannabis Seeds at GYO Seedbank.

Apr 14, 16 Free Cannabis Seeds at GYO Seedbank.

Free cannabis seeds have become a popular way to reward customers and they are a great way of providing free cannabis seed samples for those wishing to try something new.

At GYO Seedbank, we love giving! We have Daily Deals, Monster Deals… we give out extra Eucalyptus Points for our Breeders of the Month and our specially-selected Strains of the Month… we love our free shipping and we are very proud of our GYO Club. Despite all of these amazing offers, we are still eager to reward our customers even further by giving out free cannabis seeds with all qualifying orders.

So if you are a fan of regular or feminized marijuana seeds, or if you prefer your free marijuana seeds to be autoflowering – we have just the seeds for you. Whether you prefer potent strains or medical marijuana strains – you will still receive a brilliant boost to your shopping basket with our superb free seed offer. We have everything and we give and give and give some more.

No other seedbank gives as much as GYO Seedbank yet we know we can always improve. If you have any feedback or questions for our staff then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have live chat, customer reviews and a Support Centre full of useful information and FAQs. Our Support staff love helping and they cannot wait to hear from you. In the meantime, however, please enjoy our huge selection of beautiful beans and our generous helping of compelling free weed seeds, and be proud of the fact that you have GYO Seedbank firmly in your corner.

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Pick and Mix Cannabis Seeds? Check Out This Great GYO Seedbank Offer…

Apr 14, 16 Pick and Mix Cannabis Seeds? Check Out This Great GYO Seedbank Offer…

Pick and mix cannabis seeds have gained huge popularity over the past decade, and the number of websites offering single cannabis seeds has risen sharply.

Many customers and industry players are still undecided regarding the merits of buying pick and mix cannabis seeds, but one thing is for sure – if somebody wants to buy individual weed seeds, they will have no trouble finding them.

Here at GYO Seedbank we like to cater to as many different tastes as possible. If you want to buy regular cannabis seeds, go ahead. If you prefer feminized weed seeds and autoflowering marijuana seeds, we have plenty of those, too. If you want your package tracked, no problem. If you want your shipping free, no worries! And if you want to buy one marijuana seed – all on its own – we are absolutely fine with this, too.

Our selection of pick and mix cannabis seeds is as eclectic as it is comprehensive, and you can buy pick and mix seeds as easily as you can buy packs. We have put together our mix and match offer to help introduce our customers to the idea of single cannabis seeds and to help celebrate the choice afforded by purchasing cannabis seeds as individual units.

Every month we will select four breeders to populate the offer, and if you buy 12 of any strain from any of these breeders, you will receive the cheapest free of charge – a gift from the GYO Seedbank team. If we choose Barney’s Farm, for instance, you could buy 5 Pineapple Chunk, 5 Acapulco Gold and 2 Bad Azz Kush, and the one with the lowest price would be the one you receive on the house. But you can mix and match with any breeder within the offer.

This month’s breeders are Mosca Seeds, Loud Seeds, Devils Harvest Seeds and Fast Buds.

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