Strain review: Cyber Crystal by KC Brains Seeds

Jun 29, 17 Strain review: Cyber Crystal by KC Brains Seeds

This little ripper is a mostly indica plant with all the typical indica qualities! Indoors, she’ll reach about 120cm tall and can stretch to 2.3 metres outside. Wherever you decide to grow your KC Brains Seeds Cyber Cristal feminised cannabis seeds, they won’t disappoint you!

This thick, squat, central-cola-dominant beauty has light green, narrow leaves perfectly situated around the stem so that there is enough space and light for buds to fully develop to their glorious potential. When completely matured, these buds are big and heavy and coated in a bed of THC snow. That’s how she got her name!

Her short stature and fast flowering (8 weeks indoors) make Cyber Crystal a painless grow for the lazy closet grower. Wherever you decide to place her, this resinous dwarf shows her full potential when harvest time comes. 750 g/plant outside is average, and you can get extra if you nurture her more. Can’t argue with that!

If you would like to purchase some Cyber Crystal seeds the click here.

At GYO Seed Bank we pride ourselves on providing the very best in high-quality cannabis seeds from the top breeders from across the world. We have thousands of seeds available on our website, everything is premium except the price!

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Strain review: Purple Afghani Kush by Dinafem Seeds

Jun 15, 17 Strain review: Purple Afghani Kush by Dinafem Seeds

Three words; Purple, Afghani and Kush. I really could just end it there and be done with it, I won’t, but I could. These three words just spell out brilliant bud. Afghani Kush is a great bud, Purple Kush is a certified classic, so what does that make Purple Afghani Kush? Well I guess that makes it legendary.

Surprisingly, Purple Afghani Kush is not a product of Purple Kush and Afghani Kush breeding, it’s genetic makeup lies in Purple Kush and Pre 98 Bubba Kush. While not as obvious there is no doubt that a genetic makeup of that calibre is a guaranteed success.

A fantastic indica that declares all-out war on stress and tension. The plant delivers deliciously fruity and high-quality weed with a calming, relaxing high. Purple Afghan Kush seeds produce a small, resistant and easy-to-grow marijuana plant which flowers quickly and produces dense, compact, fruit-scented buds. This bush-shaped plant comprises very promising organoleptic characteristics and it acquires really beautiful purple/lavender hues during the flowering period.

Purple Afghan Kush performs well when grown indoors as it easily adapts to reduced spaces, but cultivating outdoors is still a great option in dry/sunny/temperate/Mediterranean climates as well as in a greenhouse, because its fast flowering properties make it less likely to suffer from moisture problems.

All in all if you would like to switch things up from regular Purple Kush or are just a general fan of purple bud looking to try something new, a great tasting, beautiful looking plant like this one is a sure-fire hit!

Seeds are available from our site.

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Strain of the Month: Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized

May 31, 17 Strain of the Month: Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized

The latest offering in GYO Seedbank’s Strain of the Month series is Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized – a plant which represents the breeder’s first foray into the world of medicinal marijuana production. As always, we’re offering double Eucalyptus Points as part of the June promotion… so, if your interest has been piqued, then read on!

The merits of medicinal marijuana have long been championed and remain a topic of lively debate in cannabis forums across the land. Here, Shaman Genetics proudly present the results of their first steps into the world of therapeutic marijuana strains with the fantastic Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized. This little number contains genetics from CBD Crew Z7 which has been used to pollinate a Romulan x Island Sweet Skunk. The result is a really chilled-out plant that’s high in CBD with all the added benefits of a THC kick.

When grown indoors, Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized flowers in 60 – 70 days, and it’s ready during the first couple of weeks of October when grown outside. There’s a good balance of indica and sativa here although the overall emphasis is on the latter, leading to a cerebral, uplifting, yet relaxing and chilled-out buzz that’s ideal for medical users who are seeking relief from a variety of ailments. Having said that, it also has something to offer the recreational toker, and it’s perfect for unwinding with after a stressful day at work.

The yields are great too, so there’s always plenty to share around with your nearest and dearest. In fact, Shaman Genetics CBD #11 Feminized can produce harvests of up to 550 g/m2 inside and 650 g/plant al fresco. Put simply, it’s a seed that delivers on all levels and one that’s surely deserving of a space in your collection.

As with all of our June Strains of the Month, we’re offering double Eucalyptus Points on this beauty to make it easier than ever for you to preserve it in your stash. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to our online weed seed shop without further ado!

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Strain of the Month: Samsara Seeds Punky Lion Feminized

May 31, 17 Strain of the Month: Samsara Seeds Punky Lion Feminized

Here at GYO Seedbank we’re delighted to feature as our current Strain of the Month the wonderful, funky, punky treat that is Samsara Seeds Punky Lion feminized. This crystal-coated dreamboat of a plant is incredibly moreish and ludicrously enjoyable – and it’s currently available with double Eucalyptus Points to boot!

This shimmering, sexy and powerful little ripper has resin levels that can be measured in rivers, yields that run into kilos, and a pleasure-factor that’s quite simply off the scale. Anyone who tries Samsara Seeds Punky Lion feminized is sure to return again and again with eager friends in tow – everyone’s welcome to come along on this ride!

Aside from having one of the coolest names of any cannabis strain we’ve ever come across, Samsara Seeds Punky Lion feminized is a terrific, hugely enjoyable specimen with moreish flavours and an addictive personality. This one is the result of an ingenious cross between a best-selling strain, known for its out-of-this-world yields, and a legendary North Alaskan Indica with a chocolate-and-toffee flavour and aroma. The resulting hybrid retains all the best-loved properties of its parents, and exudes a mouth-wateringly puzzling scent of spice, herbs, citrus and cocoa. Just thinking about it is enough to make us salivate!

In terms of appearance, Samsara Seeds Punky Lion feminized has short internodes and a very thick central tail surrounded by a glacier of crystals. Buds sometimes even sprout from the central part of its leaves, but it doesn’t get too bushy, and is therefore pretty easy to manicure and prune. The flowering time indoors is 6 – 8 weeks depending on the set-up and on the needs of the individual grower.

And then there’s the effect… powerful, long-lasting, and brilliantly chilled-out, it’s a sure fire way to relax after a long, hard day at work and it’s an experience that simply begs to be shared with your best buds on lazy Sunday afternoons in the garden. No seed collection is complete without it!

The great news is that with double Eucalyptus Points currently available there’s no better time to add it to your stash. As ever, we would love to hear your feedback – because we think you’re gonna love it.

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Strain of the Month: Rare Dankness Ox Piss

May 31, 17 Strain of the Month: Rare Dankness Ox Piss

Our latest Strain of the Month is a fragrant and well-balanced plant from Rare Dankness. It’s called Rare Dankness Ox Piss, but don’t let its name fool you – it’s a seed that’s more than worthy of a place in your collection, regardless of your opinion on water-sports. As ever, we’re offering double Eucalyptus Points on this ripper as part of our June promotion – so there’s no better time than the present to get your hands dirty!

Rare Dankness Ox Piss is formed from a mix of SD Cat Piss and OX. This nastily-named beast of a plant delivers a pleasantly relaxing yet mentally uplifting buzz that’s best enjoyed when shared with a few close friends. It weighs in heavily on the indica side of the spectrum but it nevertheless delivers a nicely balanced stone that makes it perfect for a variety of different smoking situations.

In terms of its profile, Rare Dankness Ox Piss is a skunky, chunky specimen with a strong structure and heavy, pendulous buds from the top to the bottom. These buds are extremely resinous and as such the plant needs a lot of air flow, as well as some careful pruning during the third week of flowering, if it is to reach its full potential.

As this badboy ripens, its leaves turn from dark green to black. This has in the past had some gardeners in a panic, but there’s no need to worry – it’s completely normal. The flowering time is around 60 days but this can be increased in order to create a harvest with a stronger hit. In our opinion, though, it’s quite strong enough already, thank you very much!

Thanks to its heavy indica dominance (the indica/sativa ratio is 90/10) Rare Dankness Ox Piss is best reserved for occasions when the calendar is well and truly clear. Its uplifting, relaxing effects are perfectly complimented by an invigorating aroma of fruit, berries, and rich coffee, making it a truly versatile little number that no seed stash should be without.

For June only, you can grab yourself some Rare Dankness Ox Piss with the added bonus of double Eucalyptus Points. We always welcome your feedback and comments, so please get in touch and let us know your thoughts!

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