Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds

Mar 01, 17 Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds

Our latest Strain of the Month is an autoflowering plant from Sweet Seeds that was created with flavour and aroma at the very top of the agenda. Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds is a deliciously sugary and sweet specimen that exhibits remarkably vigorous growth with bountiful harvests and a shiny, chilled-out effect. With double Eucalyptus Points currently available, there’s no better time than the present to add this seed to your wish-list…

As automatic strains go, they really don’t get much better than our latest Strain of the Month – Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds. This one was developed as part of a breeding programme that focused specifically on creating plants with a curious, subtle, and gloriously sweet aroma – the type of scent that’s reminiscent of candy shops and sugary delights galore. Having seen the results in this great specimen all we can say is – mission accomplished!

This plant’s bouquet is a complex affair containing hints of bubblegum, fruit jellies, and strawberry. If reading about it isn’t enough to get your mouth salivating, then smelling and tasting it for yourself certainly will be. It’s an uplifting, invigorating and happy smoking experience that’s great enjoyed as a dessert smoke after dinner. Its uplifting nature also makes it a great one to enjoy the morning after the night before – it’s sure to blow away those hangover cobwebs and leave you ready to face the day ahead with a renewed lustre and vigour.

In terms of growth, this is a resinous beast of a plant whose flowers and leaves are covered in a dense carpet of long, large-headed trichomes. It has the overall shape and structure of a typical indica/sativa specimen, and is extremely vigorous and very productive indeed. The branches are long and strong, and more than capable of supporting the copious, pendulous buds that hang from every available spot like baubles on a Christmas tree. And, of course, the autoflowering nature means it automatically switches from the vegetative to the flowering stage with no input from the gardener, which makes it an absolute doddle to grow. Even beginners can expect great results every time!

With double Eucalyptus Points available for March as part of our Strain of the Month promotion, there’s no better time than the present to get your hands on this sweet and fruity little number. Head over to the online shop right away, and preserve Crystal Candy Auto by Sweet Seeds in your collection – you know it makes sense!

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