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Jan 25, 17 Fast Buds Seeds Seed Bank

Founded in 2010, Fast Buds Seeds Seed Bank set out with one primary goal in mind – to present customers with the most fashionable, trendy and superior autoflowering genetics California has to offer. Despite its relatively recent arrival in the cannabis marketplace, Fast Buds Seeds Seed Bank is already causing a stir and we are delighted to have them as February’s Breeder of the Month!

Fast Buds Seeds Seed Bank is a team of professionals from Los Angeles, California. Following years of experience, fruitful work and close cooperation with some of the best growers in the United States, they decided to create their own seedbank in Europe. ‘But why Europe?’ we hear you cry. Well, this wisely strategic move allowed the company to place itself right in the middle of the cannabis seed industry. In other words, a presence in both the US and Europe ensured the breeding team could continue to create innovative new strains from the best possible genetics and introduce them to growers around the globe. Maintaining its industry connections in California allowed it to bring its followers the very best the Golden State has to offer in autoflowering cannabis strains.

Thanks to Fast Buds Seeds Seed Bank, truly awesome strains such as Gorilla Glue, Stardawg and Tangie‘Matic are widely available for purchase in autoflowering form. These are more than just famous names – they are absolutely astonishing specimens and it is the company’s mission to make sure the whole world is able to get their hands on such amazing cannabis seeds.

Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Auto

Gorilla Glue Auto: real sticky-icky!!!

Other favourites include the deep, dark, powerful Blackberry and the massive yielding rippers Six Shooter and Girl Scout Cookies. The former is no ordinary berry strain – it is a hardcore berry bombshell that’ll knock your socks off with its explosive effects. Six Shooter and the acclaimed Girl Scout Cookies, on the other hand, boast levels of 21% and 20% THC respectively. These ladies produce awe-inspiringly massive harvests that make many other plants look sissy in comparison.

Fast Buds Seeds Seed Bank has continued to follow its original philosophy without compromising quality for the sake of quantity. To this day, it carefully selects the autoflowering genetics that it considers to be the most promising in existence. It uses a superior Canadian ruderalis genetic and has made great strides in combining it with exceptionally high THC levels (its new hybrids exceed 20% THC). By selecting only the primary, most desirable phenotypes, it has also achieved very high-yielding plants.

But don’t just take our word for it! As GYO Seedbank’s Breeder of the Month for February there will be double Eucalyptus Points up for grabs on all Fast Buds Seeds Seed Bank Products. So head over to the online shop right away and bag yourself a bargain.

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