Feminized Marijuana Seeds: What Are They?

Mar 24, 16 Feminized Marijuana Seeds: What Are They?

Feminized marijuana seeds: What are feminized marijuana seeds, and just what is all the fuss about?

Feminized marijuana seeds are arguably the most important contributor to the cannabis movement in a generation. Feminized weed seeds remove much of the hassle of separating males and females, and limit the risk of pollinated crops.

For gardeners requiring a quick and hassle-free grow, feminized marijuana seeds are the perfect choice. It is easy to imagine medical marijuana users being wary of regs – the fear of identifying the sexes of plants and removing the males swiftly can be quite pronounced (if this process is over-delayed, the males tend to fertilise the females, leading to seeded bud with much fewer trichomes). A single male plant can fertilise an entire crop! Feminized marijuana seeds remove these issues, as no time is spent checking for males, nor energy used in separating and disposing of them once identified.

The exact process of making marijuana seeds feminized is straightforward in theory, but can result in hermaphroditism. Female plants can be made to produce ‘female pollen’ and when this is used to pollinate a female plant, the seeds produced are, in theory, exclusively female. At some point during this process, however, hermaphrodites will have been used (although some seedbanks can feminise using almost ‘pure’ females) and so there is always the risk that these genes will re-emerge somewhere down the line.

While nature is often quicker at adapting than man-made processes can keep up with, most modern feminized plants from reputable breeders show very high levels of success with little risk of hermaphroditism, and have made growing a much more user-friendly experience in recent years.

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  1. have ordered my first lot. Have forgotten what I ordered (lol)but will wait and see. I have been involved with hydroponics for maybe 30 odd years but haven’t grown this crop before. Mine is strictly medical so I have to learn how to make the oil next.I am 70 years old so its all fascinating to me. When I make the oil I hope it keeps me alive long enough to read and absorb all your learning pages. Heres hoping…rofl….I’ll definately buy more as I can afford it. Regards from Australia…James

  2. Michael Calondis /

    Was just curious? Is the F-1, strains better then the female say’ i.e. (lemon haze) from female seeds or blue dream from humbolt, etc? Just curious? No big deal . I am a loyal customer to you. Thanks! For everything! :). Do you carry any pure indicas? Or any F-1,strains? Again thanks for all you do! Combat veteran here. Retired army veteran. Stay lifted”’—-;)—‘

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