Free Cannabis Seeds at GYO Seedbank.

Apr 14, 16 Free Cannabis Seeds at GYO Seedbank.

Free cannabis seeds have become a popular way to reward customers and they are a great way of providing free cannabis seed samples for those wishing to try something new.

At GYO Seedbank, we love giving! We have Daily Deals, Monster Deals… we give out extra Eucalyptus Points for our Breeders of the Month and our specially-selected Strains of the Month… we love our free shipping and we are very proud of our GYO Club. Despite all of these amazing offers, we are still eager to reward our customers even further by giving out free cannabis seeds with all qualifying orders.

So if you are a fan of regular or feminized marijuana seeds, or if you prefer your free marijuana seeds to be autoflowering – we have just the seeds for you. Whether you prefer potent strains or medical marijuana strains – you will still receive a brilliant boost to your shopping basket with our superb free seed offer. We have everything and we give and give and give some more.

No other seedbank gives as much as GYO Seedbank yet we know we can always improve. If you have any feedback or questions for our staff then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We have live chat, customer reviews and a Support Centre full of useful information and FAQs. Our Support staff love helping and they cannot wait to hear from you. In the meantime, however, please enjoy our huge selection of beautiful beans and our generous helping of compelling free weed seeds, and be proud of the fact that you have GYO Seedbank firmly in your corner.


  1. Kody E. /

    Hi, I currently order my beans from attitude but my last few orders have had a low germination rate. 78 or 200 did not sprout. My farm grows for Washington state dispensaries. I am looking for a new company to order from and a lot of people on grasscity forum have suggested I try you guys at Gyo seed bank. They assured me you guys were a great company with excellent customer service. I was wondering is there anyway you could send a few to test before I have to restock my indoor greenhouses. It’s a big investment and I’d like to see what I’m going to get before spending such a large amount of money.

    Thank you
    Kody E.

    • Hi Kody – have you received our newsletter with the free points offer?

  2. Michael Calondis /

    i was just going to ask if you have a veteran discount? I am a combat veteran. Retired from the army. I’m looking for a good source for the collection of souvenirs!

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