Getting high in cold weather

Jan 31, 18 Getting high in cold weather

If you live in England,  Scotland, Wales or either Ireland, you are likely used to/sick of awful, unpredictable weather. When I was younger/when I were a lad, dealing with shitty weather became just another part of the process which came with smoking marijuana, like avoiding areas where police may find you and tell your mum you smoke weed and the actual act of getting the cannabis in a small town could sometimes prove testing. Every so often your mates parents would go away and, foolishly, leave the house unsupervised for you and your mates to vegetate in over a week of getting stoned.

If not you would have to resort to huddling under a bridge like trolls to passers by and feeling cold and normally wet to go alongside the already uncomfortable temperature. It would always take a couple of people to roll the joint, one person to cradle or rack the rizla as the marijuana and tobacco is emptied in and while the designated roller warms his hands up to perform his given task.

The one positive which does arise from this generally long and arduous process is the feeling of relief and gratefulness you feel when the joint is finally licked, sticked and ready to smoke. Nothing really beats the feeling of smoking the fruits of your labours and drifting off into the realm of the weird and interesting, away from all your weather worries.

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