GYO Welcomes… Mephisto Genetics Seed Bank

Dec 09, 16 GYO Welcomes… Mephisto Genetics Seed Bank

Based in Spain, Mephisto Genetics Seed Bank specialises in creating autoflowering cannabis varieties of the very highest calibre.

For more than a decade, the master breeders at Mephisto Genetics Seed Bank have been experimenting with various seed engineering and cultivating methods in a quest to produce plants with the strongest, most desirable traits possible. Their products are derived from a variety of sources from around the world, all of which are handled with the utmost respect and care necessary to create new varieties that are unmatched by any other. With this in mind, they have amassed a comprehensive knowledge of the genes they utilise and that expert knowledge is evident in every strain they produce.

Each and every Mephisto Genetics Seed Bank seed is a product of cross breeding not simply from Auto to Auto strain, but rather through a complex network that spans generations of regular, non-autoflowering strains. They strive to create brand new F1 automatic seeds without taking any shortcuts that could compromise quality or reliability.

Of course, with so many autoflowering seed breeders fighting for shelf space in an increasing saturated market, it can be difficult to work out which seeds will produce the most desirable yields and provide the best quality. The great news is that our friends at Mephisto Genetics Seed Bank know their customers have a broad range of requirements and, for this reason, really go the extra mile when it comes to earning their patrons’ respect and loyalty. This is achieved through an exhaustive process of persistence and experimentation with the end result being a product base you’ll be delighted to grow, use and return to again and again.

So what are you waiting for? All of these amazing seeds are now available at GYO Seedbank. Head over there now, have a browse through the catalogue, and relax in the comfort that the seeds you are buying are of the most exquisite quality available.

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