GYOscience: cannabis odour control.

Sep 16, 16 GYOscience: cannabis odour control.

Cannabis Odour Control. One of the most enticing things about cannabis is its pungent, musky, instantly-recognisable aroma. But what happens when the smell becomes overwhelming? In this article, GYO Seedbank examines some of the methods growers use to drastically reduce – or completely eliminate – plant odour in the grow room.

Put simply, there are two ways to effect cannabis odour control. The first is to remove the odour from the air using a filter, and the second is to find something that will mask it. The method used will usually depend on how many plants are in the growspace, and how strong their smell is. We’ll look at filters first, and then turn our attention towards masking.
Carbon filters or carbon scrubbers are really effective at cannabis odour control because they actually ‘pull’ the smell from the air, making it neutral. They work by using activated carbon which chemically absorbs odours and impurities that come into contact with it. In order for this to work, though, gardeners need to create a situation whereby the strong smell of the plants is actively pushed or pulled through the filter – it isn’t enough to simply set the filter up and hope for the best.
The best way to do this is to set up a fan to control the flow of the air – and, hence, the flow of the plant odour. Many breeders install the carbon filter as part of their exhaust system: that way, the air is cleaned and neutralised as it is being pulled from the plants, eliminating those pungent bouquets. Once installed, carbon filters are very effective and easy to maintain, and they’re long-lasting too.
On the other hand, odour neutralisers can do an equally good job in the correct circumstances. These are normally used to eradicate smells outside of the grow area, since they work so well that they can damage plants if they are placed too close.
Regular household air fresheners tend to be ineffective at cannabis odour control because they simply aren’t strong enough. What’s more, the cover-up or masking needs to be constant, and sprays tend to fade over time. There are, however, several heavy-duty products available on the market which do a great job.
Ona Gel and Ona Blocks – which were originally developed to control the smell of sewage – are particularly popular. They’re now available on the general market and have become the odour-controller of choice among many cannabis cultivators. Again, these should be placed outside the grow room because they can damage the plants and/or change their aroma. They last from a few weeks to a couple of months, after which they need to be replaced.
So there you have it – two of the most popular methods used to cover the pungent, musky cannabis aroma while still ensuring the production of a top quality product. Every day is a school day with GYOscience.

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