The huge benefit legal cannabis could have on Britain socially and economically

Jan 05, 18 The huge benefit legal cannabis could have on Britain socially and economically

In theory marijuana could be a massive helping hand towards getting the UK back on track both socially and economically. As of recent years the country has been strained in both ways, with a clear political split being seen clearer than ever, in terms of the left and right wing. In terms of the country as a whole, adding the growing global marijuana market as a viable industry in the UK could boost our economy terrifically, which is something we could really do with.

Also this addition of marijuana may unite people in a sense, as it would show a level of progression for Britain and would help show that we are not actually stuck in the past in terms of our drug laws. Whilst marijuana is generally considered with more liberal, left-wing politics, there are also many central and right-wing supporters and politicians alike who would rather see the drug become legal than remain illegal.

On a more personal level, I would be overjoyed to see marijuana reform in Britain over the next couple of years, and not merely because I would be able to legally smoke it. Obviously the recreational aspect of marijuana is a massive positive, on a more serious note, think how many teenagers have been/  still get arrested for the smallest amount of weed, this minor criminal record can stick with them through the majority of their formative years. This can mean they have very few options in terms of careers, for every person with a criminal record there are about ten others who don’t, which can possibly lead to wrong choices and bad decisions which will impact upon their future.

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