I’m not like those guys – why is cannabis even talked about in the same sentence as other drugs?

Jan 15, 18 I’m not like those guys – why is cannabis even talked about in the same sentence as other drugs?

After just reading an article (ok, I skimmed it) about a ‘drugged up driver’ who was caught with cannabis and cocaine, it got me thinking about how and why cannabis is even lumped in with other drugs, for starters it is totally unique. I mean the first and most obvious difference is somewhat superficial, in the sense that cannabis is green and considerably more plant-like than it’s ‘peers’ which generally take the form of white powders or some such other chemical-type substance. The major take-home from this being that cannabis is natural and not the result of some chemical reduction.

Naturally, no pun intended, this means that cannabis is the safer substance and should not only be seen as such but also should be viewed for the immense medical capability it holds that other ‘drugs’ do not. Yes, I know cocaine has been used as an anaesthetic in the past and heroin comes from morphine but these are generally specific one-time basis uses that cannot be sustained daily. Cannabis on the other hand can be used daily for pain relief both physical and mental in the form of CBD or even just plain old marijuana (containing THC.)

And then there are the highs which arise from the drugs. Cocaine or amphetamines are really only going to amp you up, make you want to move about and do drastic things, now I can understand the potential fears here as they can at times make people violent, reckless or aggressive. Now, cannabis has a multitude of different strains and comes in different varieties. For instance Guanabana gives the user more of a cerebral buzz which varies in intensity because it is sativa.

Grapefruit Kush is a much more relaxing and long-lasting high which may make the user giggle but also may clear your mind and help you think, this is because it is primarily indica.

Northern Express  may imbue those who smoke it with a mix, with users being incredibly relaxed and calm while also being highly cerebral and cognitive, this is because it has elements of what is known as cannabis ruderalis which is slightly less common than indica and sativa strains.

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