Let’s be honest, there are some areas where you just shouldn’t smoke a joint

Nov 24, 17 Let’s be honest, there are some areas where you just shouldn’t smoke a joint

If you’ve smoked weed since you were young then chances are that you’ve spent plenty of time smoking and loitering on the streets. This would also mean that you have likely smoked joints in the stupidest of places, perhaps because you’re already pretty stoned and it seems like a good idea. However, there are some which are just a bit daft whereas others are just straight up risky.

Your Parent’s House

Smoking weed at your parents house may seem like a good idea, especially when they are away. Have you ever tried smoking a joint at your parents without knowing where they’ve actually gone? I have, I woke up on a Saturday to find the house empty and with no car outside, therefore I presumed my parents would be out for the day and therefore proceeded to roll up and spark a joint sat at my back door. After smoking about 10 tokes of the joint, I heard a car pull up outside and low and behold my parents had only been to the supermarket, I scrambled to put the joint out and very narrowly avoided being caught.

Outside Shops

Yeah it might be useful to be stood right next to a massive source of food and drink when you’re stoned but it’s pretty much a completely stupid idea.The amount of people who pass by a supermarket who would be put off by guys loitering and smoking weed is pretty easy to imagine. So if you are doing this then be prepared for the police to roll up just as you’ve sparked the first joint, if not before.

Outside A Nightclub

This is one that applies more in adult life than as a younger person, as obviously you probably won’t be eighteen if you are knocking about on the streets and smoking weed there. However, there’s been loads of times when my friends have decided to blaze up in nightclub smoking areas or just outside them, and in hindsight it does seem like a stupid idea. Not only because the chances of someone catching you in a nightclub (a bouncer) are pretty high and there’s no escape in nightclubs really so you can’t just run out, because, there are bouncers on the door.

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