Lowryder Cannabis: A Brief History.

Mar 23, 16 Lowryder Cannabis: A Brief History.

Lowryder cannabis: everything you need to know about Lowryder cannabis seeds and related autoflowering seeds, including Joint Doctor seeds.

Lowryder cannabis seeds form the basis of many autoflowering cannabis strains, and were created by a breeder known as the Joint Doctor. This breeder is renowned for his work with ruderalis strains, and first began experimenting with early-flowering strains like Mighty Mite, before developing his own early-flowering strain: 6-way.

The 6-way never made it to the shelves but it helped inspire the idea of creating a full, autoflower marijuana plant. The Doctor teamed up with a friendly Mexican, Antonio, and gained access to his vast catalogue of strains, one of which he had labelled, Mexican Rudy. The name of this strain suggested a Ruderalis crossed with what was possibly an early Mexican sativa, and the guys weren’t slow in realising its potential.

The strain, originally dubbed Willy’s Automatic, was stabilised and refined for recreational use before being produced, initially on a small scale, for commercialisation. Antonio, to whom the resultant strain owes so much, passed away before it’s full potential was realised, but there couldn’t really be a greater tribute to his work than Joint Doctor’s Lowryder, a prime mover in terms of autoflowering seeds.

The Lowryder is a tough, hardy plant that can survive colder, almost brutal climates. It has seen its popularity grow in Northern Europe and Canada and has been used to create hundreds of different hybrids and alternative autoflower seeds. It has fantastic medicinal properties and mentally stimulating effects that creep with understated potency. The aromas are a little more subtle than with most marijuana plants, and the small but mighty buds autoflower in around 40 to 45 days. It is a living legend, fully adored the world over, and is coming soon to GYO Seedbank.

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