How does marijuana affect or effect you in the long-term?

Nov 17, 17 How does marijuana affect or effect you in the long-term?

There are numerous sources which will tell you that marijuana makes you stupid, irresponsible or a criminal, possibly all of the above, to the extent that a stoner is often pictured as sort of a cartoon stereotype looking more like Shaggy from Scooby Doo than a functioning human. We are taught from a young age that ‘drugs are bad m’kay’, yet we are taught very little of the specifics. What I’m saying is that ‘drugs’ is a rather general term, lumping in the dangerous stuff like crack cocaine, with marijuana, which has a plethora of uses and capabilities. I can recall the first time my friends ever smoked weed, my first thoughts were regarding what I had been taught about its dangers as an illegal drug. After the first hit or two, it really wasn’t bad, I didn’t feel like an addict, I just felt relaxed, peaceful and rather nice.

The years following, I met more and more people who smoked marijuana and therefore it became less and less of a ‘thing’ and more of a normal occurrence much like smoking a cigarette. As you grow older it really stops being this shameful act you have to hide, as you find out everyone does it, essentially. Back at school, there would always be the worry of kids telling other people about your new found hobby and, if you live in a small town, word can travel extremely fast.

Maybe it’s just a general change in attitude, but as I have gotten older it seems like everyone I meet has or does smoke marijuana, I don’t think I have met anyone against marijuana for years now, although that may just be the social circles I move in.

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