Marijuana Seed Deals: the Best Daily Deals at GYO Seedbank.

May 04, 16 Marijuana Seed Deals: the Best Daily Deals at GYO Seedbank.

Daily marijuana seed deals are just what you deserve, and we want to give you the very best deals from our superb catalogue of cannabis strains.

We all love a bargain and at GYO, we want to give you the best bargains possible. Our daily marijuana seed deals are tailor-made for opportunistic shoppers that know a great deal when they see one. These deals are based around contingent stock and are available for a limited time; they are perfect for keen-eyed sharp-shooters because they are in high demand and they don’t stick around forever. Below each deal is a timer and when it hits zero, the offer is gone for good. But don’t fret if you miss one! We add three new deals every single day and each one sees a 25-35% reduction in the price of what could turn out to be your new favourite strain.

There are no restrictions on what types of strain can be included in our daily deals, and every day we try to include a regular cannabis seed, a feminized marijuana seed and an autoflowering weed seed. Nor do we limit ourselves to sativa cannabis seeds, indica cannabis seeds or hybrids – we have everything, including some hugely popular medical marijuana strains. Previous daily dealers include Dutch Passion’s Passion #1 – a truly gargantuan monster of a plant, and our very own Super Lemon Haze – a superbly citrus strain with a fast flowering time and a soaring, hugely enjoyable, sativa-style high.

The daily deals are the best way to turn top-drawer, premium-quality weed seeds into cheap marijuana seeds that everyone can afford. They are a great way to try something new, to stock in as back-up, or simply to acquire a truly exceptional cannabis strain for a knock-down price. To see what daily deals are available right now, visit the world’s favourite seedbank, GYO.

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