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Nov 21, 16 Ministry of Cannabis Seed Bank

GYO Seedbank’s latest Breeder of the Month is premium seed-creator Ministry of Cannabis Seed Bank. With over 15 years of experience and with test rooms in 3 different countries, this breeder really knows its stuff. There are double Eucalyptus Points on the entire catalogue for December, too!

If you’re interested in top-quality cannabis derived from top-notch genetics then look no further than Ministry of Cannabis Seed Bank! The company has a long-running and deep-rooted relationship with cannabis and its cultivation. With more than 15 years of experience, the breeders have cooperated with or worked for many of the most famous seedbanks in the industry, and they have production and test rooms in 3 different countries. Clearly, this is a seed-breeder whose employees really know their stuff.

Put simply, Ministry of Cannabis’s ambition is to offer customers a level of excellence associated only with the absolute top-tier marijuana strains. For this reason, the company adopts a twin-pronged approach with two chief aims. First – to ensure so-called classic cannabis strains, such as White Widow, are always available in feminised form. And second – to introduce exciting, alternative strains, such as Carnival and Zensation, to the market.
Having closed the main office in Amsterdam in 2013, the company now operates from new premises in the centre of Barcelona, although seed production is split between The Netherlands (feminised) and Spain (autoflowering).
Beyond expanding their already impressive range of seeds, Ministry of Cannabis Seed Bank is also dedicated to excellent customer service, paying great attention to each individual customer whether it’s a large-scale company or a small-scale seed collector.

Two of our favourite products from this breeder include the mind-blowing Carnival and awesome Ultra White Amnesia. The former is a mostly-sativa plant with an extremely high THC content that produces a soaring and cerebral buzz when smoked. The latter is a real ripper with an indica/sativa ratio of 25/75 – this beast creates a complex buzz that’s a combination of the happy, social Amnesia and the strong couch-lock effects of the White Widow.
This December 2016, GYO Seedbank is celebrating Ministry of Cannabis’s fantastic range by offering double Eucalyptus Points on all Ministry of Cannabis Seed Bank products. After all, making the world greener is a game we can only win together!


  1. Peter Mallard /

    superb service
    seeds arrived in 3 days
    now we will see how they grow outdoors soon
    thank you MoC

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