New Cannabis Seeds from House of the Great Gardener

Feb 07, 17 New Cannabis Seeds from House of the Great Gardener

This month, we’re delighted to welcome a breeder whose mission is a remarkably simple one. House of the Great Gardener, according to its official spiel, wants to produce seeds that work for you. The great news is that it boasts an enviable catalogue of seed-lines in which you’re sure to find something that tickles your fancy. We knew you want to hear as soon as we had them, and that you would be delighted with our new cannabis seeds from House of the Great Gardener.

The dedicated team of seed engineers and breeders at The House of the Great Gardener has been working with cannabis compassion clubs for over a decade in a quest to gather together the best medical strains the planet has to offer. They have now amassed a wide range of top-notch indica and sativa varieties and we’re chuffed to be able to offer them to our customers.

One of the greatest things about getting new cannabis seeds from House of the Great Gardener is the fact that the company consistently operates with the needs of the individual patient at the forefront of their minds, and always takes into consideration each customer’s personal situation and requirements. At the core of their ethos is a firm belief that a psychological benefit arises from the knowledge that the seeds you are purchasing are of the utmost quality – and therefore are more likely to relieve your symptoms. Therefore, quality and control have always been a top priority for these guys. They’re fully understanding of the fact that customers deserve access to the best quality seeds that produce the best quality medicine.

House of the Great Gardener GG #1

GG #1 – another stunning plant from a breeder on the rise.

So, onto the seeds! There are too many to list here, but we’d like to draw your attention to a few of our favourites. First up, Jack Herer. Surely you’ve heard of this one already? Put simply, this sativa-dominant specimen has it all – it creates a tantalising, cerebral and energising buzz and there’s always plenty to go around thanks to its explosive growth and big harvests.

Next up, Haoma. This award-winning hybrid has a 70/30 indica/sativa ratio and exhibits a strong branching structure, delicious fruity scent, and a bountiful harvest. The buzz is potent yet manageable, with excellent therapeutic potential and an invigorating cerebral twist.

And our personal favourite has to be Barbara Bud. Awesome resin production, loads of trichomes, great for making hash, and an incredibly fruity flavour – these are just some of the reasons you’ll love this plant. It’s won loads of awards, too, and benefits from all the best bits of the indica and sativa spectrum. Exquisite!

There are loads of other equally amazing new cannabis seeds from House of the Great Gardener available in our online shop. So head there right away, have a browse, and don’t forget to let us know what you think of our latest additions!

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