Where would you not find cannabis?

Mar 05, 18 Where would you not find cannabis?

The title is not simply ambiguous for ambiguities sake, but rather I found that the most general, ‘blanket’ term, if you will, with which to begin this discussion. I am going to look at the countries around the world where cannabis seemingly plays no role in any area of society and you are unlikely to discover any kind of hints or indications that the substance is consumed at all. Naturally it would be ridiculous to presume that nobody in a country smokes cannabis, but I’m sure you can see what I’m getting at.

I recently went to Japan, as you may know Japanese counter-culture is something which is not so easily defined as it is in the west, largely due to most things which would be looked at as bizarre or a bit left field are very prevalent in popular culture all across Japan. This includes comics and other ‘less savoury’ forms of literature and art, alongside this gambling and alcohol are also prevalent as primary vices. On top of this there are dozens of arcades which open til late, you can also smoke cigarettes in most of them, and other forms of entertainment which I imagine would leave me pretty content for a long time. Whether this is the case for Japanese people in general I couldn’t really comment. Moving on from this, I did not see anyone, smell anyone or hear anyone talking about smoking cannabis. Further from this, I didn’t see any head shops (or the equivalent of) and a distinct lack of knock-off cannabis themed products being sold on markets.

Slightly further west in Russia, I always presumed that cannabis would be extremely scarce, the country is hardly known for it’s liberal principals. I was reading an article recently which discussed how you would actually be allowed to carry cannabis with you at Russia’s forthcoming FIFA World Cup providing you could prove it was for medical purposes with the correct paperwork and what have you. And this struck me as quite bizarre even if it is simply medical cannabis, much more accepting towards the substance than I would have expected. Perhaps my assumptions of Russia are spawned from the way the country is talked about/discussed and subsequently viewed in the west.

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