One man’s vision for a weed-friendly Swansea

Oct 13, 17 One man’s vision for a weed-friendly Swansea

Film producer Kevin Allen, the uncle of Lily and Alfie Allen, has revealed his idealistic vision of what his hometown of Swansea should be like. And it is one that draws much from counterculture in a bid to inject more culture in general into the city. This would be to differentiate the city from any other, essentially putting it on the map (not literally) with an eye to snatching up the title of City of Culture subsequently boost tourism and generally elevate the quality of life in the city. Allen reiterated the need for a narrative in building culture. He suggested that, given the sheer volume of them, Swansea begin accommodating skateboarders in the city centre given that they don’t really cause any problems and that such activities should be encouraged as they help kids to stay active.

Perhaps even more exciting, one of the major elements of his vision was the legalisation of cannabis which could see Swansea elevated to an Amsterdam-like status. Allen stated, “The legalisation of weed is coming, I’m telling you…It’s going to be big business. It already is in America, my next movie deals with this.”

Never one to follow the crowd, Allen bucked tradition and pointed out the lack of interest people showed in the boats in the marina, suggesting a cannabis museum as an alternative. Alongside this, Allen was heavily critical of the council’s new retail park, stating it was a waste of money.

Overall, this is a promising step for Swansea and Wales in general, having the backing of a major figure from the country gives the opportunity more realistic expectations.

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