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Getting high in cold weather

Jan 31, 18 Getting high in cold weather

If you live in England,  Scotland, Wales or either Ireland, you are likely used to/sick of awful, unpredictable weather. When I was younger/when I were a lad, dealing with shitty weather became just another part of the process which came with smoking marijuana, like avoiding areas where police may find you and tell your mum you smoke weed and the actual act of getting the cannabis in a small town could sometimes prove testing. Every so often your mates parents would go away and, foolishly, leave the house unsupervised for you and your mates to vegetate in over a week of getting stoned.

If not you would have to resort to huddling under a bridge like trolls to passers by and feeling cold and normally wet to go alongside the already uncomfortable temperature. It would always take a couple of people to roll the joint, one person to cradle or rack the rizla as the marijuana and tobacco is emptied in and while the designated roller warms his hands up to perform his given task.

The one positive which does arise from this generally long and arduous process is the feeling of relief and gratefulness you feel when the joint is finally licked, sticked and ready to smoke. Nothing really beats the feeling of smoking the fruits of your labours and drifting off into the realm of the weird and interesting, away from all your weather worries.

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Would cannabis still be classified as a ‘drug’ if it were legal?

Jan 26, 18 Would cannabis still be classified as a ‘drug’ if it were legal?

Marijuana is looking more and more likely to become legal in this country within the next decade, now that may not seem like a lot, but what you’ve got to remember is that the issue has only really started to become a serious question within the past five or so years. What began as a pipe dream years ago has really gained steam in the past few years, and that is the question of marijuana being decriminalised or legalised in the UK.

We in the UK had to sit in our houses and smoke weed while a brief trip across the pond in Amsterdam people were blazing up all different strains of marijuana and various forms of hash and resin in the comfort of a Coffee Shop. Not that I’m bitter or anything, Amsterdam is a beautiful city, with a very quaint feel, which kind of reminds me of the city I call home. The city is built perfectly for marijuana smokers and those looking for a cultural experience alike.

I digress, the Amsterdam analogy was prescient due to the fact that marijuana is not looked down upon over there, it is the kind of thing that people from all over the societal spectrum do. It is more widely accepted than smoking cigarettes, which is very reasonable, and is the kind of thing that would be included in a night out there. This prospect of marijuana being part of a night out or a majority as opposed to a minority is an exciting prospect. The only reason marijuana is not considered social where drinking is, is due to the fact that it is illegal and therefore has to be done in your home as opposed to in a bar, pub or club.

This brings me round to the thought that maybe if weed were legal the stigma would be removed and people would be more open to trying it, or more importantly accepting of it. Whilst I would prefer people to see the medical benefit which can come from cannabis, it would also nice to see non-stoners not looking down on those who smoke weed and accepting that certain things which are legal, alcohol and cigarettes, are probably a lot worse for you than marijuana.

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Cannabis and the law

Jan 23, 18 Cannabis and the law

With the idea of legalisation in the UK, it is easy to envision a system such as what we are seeing happen in states of America, with marijuana being viewed as medicine, due to the USA being widely considered a counterpart to the UK. However it seems way more likely and a lot more feasible that England and its peers would go more so in the direction of The Netherlands, particularly Amsterdam, with concerns to marijuana. This would mean marijuana was decriminalised, not legalized, which would permit it to be smoked in a controlled environment and possessed for ‘personal’ use only. Now just imagine if your ‘local’ was an Amsterdam style coffee shop as opposed to a clapped out old boozer, weird to think about but imagine it anyway.

For starters crime would probably see a slight decrease in terms of the percentage which spawns from drunken brawls and the such. This means you’d probably also be less likely to encounter any interpersonal problems such as arguments or potential fights. I imagine this calming wave stemming from British social life and nightlife would wash over the population somewhat, and ‘chill out’ the nation in general.


Imagine the conversation which would follow a couple of joints in a social pub-like environment, you’d likely find the level of intelligence and interest in terms of conversation would increase tenfold due to the amount of ‘out there’ ideas and thoughts spurred on by marijuana. Instead of some middle aged blokes commenting on how they’d still have sex with Madonna if ‘Hung Up’ came on on the jukebox, you’d have a bunch of people commenting on the use of ABBA’s ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ as a sample, much more stimulating.

The major drawback of the marijuana industry infringing on the alcohol industry would be that sales of donner kebabs would drop drastically, however this would not necessarily mean major losses for  local business as sales of takeaway pizza and generally nicer takeaway food would probably rise, not to sound pretentious but drunk people will essentially eat anything whereas stoners will eat most things but are generally more mindful and less likely to act out of character (who eats kebabs sober?). Also, on the plus side it also means you are less likely to see the aforementioned donner kebab, regurgitated or otherwise, splattered across the pavement on your way to work on Monday morning.

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Things to be avoided when you’re high

Jan 19, 18 Things to be avoided when you’re high

When you are stoned you are certainly more susceptible to the environment around you as well as being more prone to cravings and urges. These cravings normally manifest themselves in terms of hunger or rather ‘the munchies’ which can be enjoyable, providing you have the means to satiate these urges. In terms of the former point regarding the environment you’re in, when you are stoned you may be affected by being in a negative environment just as you would be in say a positive environment, meaning things can go very well whereas occasionally things can go very badly.

A lot of people who have smoked marijuana for the first time and had bad experiences likely know what I am talking about, for many people it can be things like being pressured into doing something by your mates. This combined with what people have been taught about ‘weed’ as dangerous can lead to them having bad experience and thus blaming the marijuana completely. This also brings me to the time Channel 4 presenter Jon Snow smoked marijuana in a controlled environment to test its strength and danger and found it highly unpleasant. Perhaps Snow failed to realise that no one is entirely at ease in an MRI machine.

So yeah avoid MRI machines and dodgy mates and it should be plain sailing, obviously, if you don’t want to smoke marijuana then don’t do it, you will save yourself the pain and not tarnish the reputation of cannabis.

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I’m not like those guys – why is cannabis even talked about in the same sentence as other drugs?

Jan 15, 18 I’m not like those guys – why is cannabis even talked about in the same sentence as other drugs?

After just reading an article (ok, I skimmed it) about a ‘drugged up driver’ who was caught with cannabis and cocaine, it got me thinking about how and why cannabis is even lumped in with other drugs, for starters it is totally unique. I mean the first and most obvious difference is somewhat superficial, in the sense that cannabis is green and considerably more plant-like than it’s ‘peers’ which generally take the form of white powders or some such other chemical-type substance. The major take-home from this being that cannabis is natural and not the result of some chemical reduction.

Naturally, no pun intended, this means that cannabis is the safer substance and should not only be seen as such but also should be viewed for the immense medical capability it holds that other ‘drugs’ do not. Yes, I know cocaine has been used as an anaesthetic in the past and heroin comes from morphine but these are generally specific one-time basis uses that cannot be sustained daily. Cannabis on the other hand can be used daily for pain relief both physical and mental in the form of CBD or even just plain old marijuana (containing THC.)

And then there are the highs which arise from the drugs. Cocaine or amphetamines are really only going to amp you up, make you want to move about and do drastic things, now I can understand the potential fears here as they can at times make people violent, reckless or aggressive. Now, cannabis has a multitude of different strains and comes in different varieties. For instance Guanabana gives the user more of a cerebral buzz which varies in intensity because it is sativa.

Grapefruit Kush is a much more relaxing and long-lasting high which may make the user giggle but also may clear your mind and help you think, this is because it is primarily indica.

Northern Express  may imbue those who smoke it with a mix, with users being incredibly relaxed and calm while also being highly cerebral and cognitive, this is because it has elements of what is known as cannabis ruderalis which is slightly less common than indica and sativa strains.

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How could the film industry portray cannabis use properly?

Jan 12, 18 How could the film industry portray cannabis use properly?

Film’s have a love-hate relationship with both booze and drugs, in the sense that many films (no kids films) include a character who has a love affair with one and sometimes subsequently a character who loathes the substances as a result. In the case of most films that include either, alcohol is more common in films which reflects society in general, wherein alcohol is much more acceptable than even marijuana. While I could make many an argument about how, in actuality, marijuana is perhaps a safer bet than alcohol in terms of the health risks, I am going to instead consider how different the film industry would be if they accepted marijuana more so than alcohol.

In the majority of films out there, alcohol impacts upon them very little, if the main character is to have a problem with alcohol it is normally a cohort to another hamartia or even a modicum of other problems which eventually lead to a tragic downfall. However, you couldn’t really employ cannabis in the same role, as it generally does not have anywhere near the same self-destructive properties that alcohol can. For this reason, it is only recently that cannabis has begun to be used in films. And this is only the more progressive ones.

Imagine now, one of Britain’s national treasures, James Bond if the titular character, instead of drinking a martini ‘shaken not stirred’ Bond instead had a few tokes on a joint. While this is hard to imagine actually happening in a film, it is nonetheless entertaining to picture bond bumbling about his mission, high as a kite, trying to act suave but probably failing due to his red eyes giving him away, subsequently his eyes would draw him more towards the buffet provided at swanky parties as opposed to the women.

While both alcohol and marijuana can leave us sufficiently inebriated to where it would alter our actions, and therefore, the former is rarely reflected in film as having that much of an effect, only in extreme cases, whereas the latter is shown as having mind-numbing effects from the beginning in film. While i’m not saying it hasn’t happened before, it would be nice to see a major, not a stoner or drug-related film, be honest about marijuana usage, and show that people from all walks of life smoke it and not just those that take drugs or generally live mad lives.

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Smoking cannabis at events and protests

Jan 10, 18 Smoking cannabis at events and protests

It seemed like a better idea to mention an event such as a protest by name as opposed to a gig or some such place you would/may smoke marijuana. We see in America, particularly, that smoking a joint at your first gig or party is almost like a rite of passage, well that’s what movies would have you believe anyway plus most Americans I have ever spoken to seem to have a much more liberal attitude to marijuana than us Brits. Growing up in Britain, commonly, our only exposure to marijuana, up until a certain age, is hearing of arrests in the news or seeing people smoke it in American buddy movies/coming of age films. This means that a lot of the time we have a certain level of expectation for smoking marijuana.

For instance there have been many times when I was younger that we would begin rolling a joint or even have bud on us at parties and this would cause us to be kicked out of a party or just have to be very cautious as people aren’t that open to the idea of smoking marijuana up until the age of around 18, at which point people realise it’s hardly a ‘dangerous drug’ as previously thought. The amount of times I have been looked down upon for smoking marijuana at a party let alone a gig is ridiculous.

Then this brings me onto the topic of protests, over the weekend, as I’m pretty sure you all know, protests have taken place all over the world mainly in opposition to Donald Trump’s misogyny and many, many other flaws and missteps. In all the ones in America I have seen things about people handing out joints and the such with very little hassle from any sort of law enforcement. Yet if that were to happen over here it would be more likely to be documented by the media as an outright breach of law, therefore forcing protests to be shut down etc. Obviously I imagine people were smoking marijuana, however, there was no media documentation as there was in America.

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