Why are people still calling cannabis a gateway drug?

Jun 16, 17 Why are people still calling cannabis a gateway drug?

The term ‘gateway drug’ gets thrown around often, especially when it comes to marijuana, it is often the first ‘drug’ that many people try, however, it’s effects and origin differ so much from other ‘drugs’ that I wouldn’t even consider it in the same category. Still, people carry on complaining that marijuana leads people to taking drugs like cocaine and ecstasy, but this constant moaning and theorising by people so far detached from the actual situation doesn’t really make any sense, at least not in my mind.

The basis for the idea assumes that every substance in the drug classification system is essentially the same. Drinking is perhaps a gateway drug, after all cocaine and beer are essentially a pub staple in Britain, also most drugs like cocaine and ecstasy are ‘party drugs’ whereas cannabis is not, these are the kind of drugs commonly taken in nightclubs and bars.

However, that is not to say that cannabis doesn’t take you places or open the gate to certain things. These things include food. The fact of the matter is, cannabis makes you hungry, this is called ‘the munchies’, on top of that, it may also make your mouth dry and therefore you will need a drink.

Perhaps cannabis is a gateway to pizza or a burger, which I guess could be detrimental to your health, but this nonetheless could be swapped pretty easily for something a little healthier, in fact, fruit would kill two birds with one stone, the juiciness defeating your dry mouth with ease.

That is not the only problem with marijuana, however, I have found another gate which is flung open the instant one partakes in the slightest amount of ganja. That is the one to laughter, when you are stoned you become extremely prone to giggling over the slightest thing, whether it be an Adam Sandler film or that show called ‘BBQ Pitmasters’ on Netflix (would recommend but it will definitely make you want barbeque food) you may just laugh a lot, damn that cannabis!

Well, now that I’ve delved deep into cannabis as a gateway ‘drug’ I hope to hear no more talk on the matter for at least a week.

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