How to perform simple tasks while you’re stoned

Jun 22, 17 How to perform simple tasks while you’re stoned

Being stoned doesn’t make you completely useless but it does impair you somewhat. It can make you thoughtful and contemplative but it can dull your other senses causing you to find the simplest of tasks difficult. It can naturally make you lazy and lethargic, I know some people don’t like to believe this, but it’s the truth. You can end up sitting, half laying down, on your sofa for hours on end watching television or a film or even playing a game oblivious to the problems of the world, at peace.

This can yield some pretty humorous results, at times problematic, but mostly pretty funny. Mainly in hindsight for any part of the equation not under the influence of marijuana. If you’re stoned at the time, however, you will probably find yourself giggling at the mere prospect of someone suggesting you perform a practical or manual task.

Ok, so let’s say that your significant other wants you to pick up some groceries as you are out of food in the house, the shop is at least a mile or two away from your present location/home. Do you drive? No, of course, you don’t because driving while stoned could yield some very dangerous results, you might say that it’s only a short distance if driven, but there is really no point risking it.

So, do you get a taxi? Well I’m not a massive fan of unnecessary human interaction when I’m stoned plus taxis can also be expensive so it kind of seems like a needless expense.

The best bet would be to walk, walking when you’re stoned can actually be pretty rewarding, it helps you think and it also gives you minor exercise.

Other tasks which may seem daunting when stoned could even be menial housework such as cleaning and tidying. But, in fact, this can actually be kind of nice as your attention to detail on a single task is quite a lot better when you are stoned. You may even find you are better at this when you’re stoned thus it could mean it becomes a thing you do when you’re stoned just to keep that work-play balance.

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