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Nov 21, 16 Positronics Seed Bank

Having shut up shop in Amsterdam and relocated to Spain, the breeders at Positronics Seed Bank are well and truly back and stronger than ever. With emphasis on quality over quantity, this is a company that continues to set the gold standard when it comes to marijuana seed engineering. GYO Seedbank is delighted to welcome December’s Breeder of the Month 2016.

Positronics Seed Bank was created in the early ‘80s and quickly established itself as one of the driving forces behind the Amsterdam cannabis seed trade. Now, the founder has re-launched the venture in weed-friendly Spain, and the great news is that the catalogue and genetics are stronger and more accessible than ever before.
Back in the day, Positronics Seed Bank collaborated closely and actively in the development and birth of the first Cannabis hybrids. In particular, these guys were instrumental in developing the revolutionary technique of cultivating seedless plants from cuttings. As a result, the company quickly became known as a pioneer in selective cannabis breeding.

Since then, the culture of cross-breeding has taken the world of weed by storm, with hundreds of thousands of hybridisations creating a rich and diverse menu of cannabis varieties which collectors, breeders and smokers can pick from according to their needs and circumstances. The guys at Positronics Seed Bank have used this phenomenon to their advantage, and have devised a concept called ‘Cannabis a La Carte’. This involves prioritising the appearance, aroma and taste of their varieties so that growers can choose their perfect plant. It’s an interesting way of doing things and, if their popularity is used as a marker, a very successful one.
Of course, with so many excellent – and unique – strains available it can be near impossible to know which one to choose. Three of GYO Seedbank’s favourites include Supercheese, Somango 47 and One Love Haze.

Supercheese is a hit with commercial growers but its easy-to-cultivate nature makes it ideal for growers of all abilities. It has a pleasant and relaxing buzz when smoked and is instantly identifiable thanks to its classic cheesy aroma. Somango 47 – sometimes nicknamed The Beast – has a sweet and fruity aroma and delivers a complex and satisfying high when smoked. This one is a real head-turner and is worthy of a place in any seed stash! And finally, One Love Haze is a mostly-sativa number that combines Haze #1 and Haze #9 and has a whopping THC level of 18 – 22%. The yields are awesome too – these plants are capable of producing 400 g/m2 inside or 500 – 700 g/plant outdoors.
Head over to the online shop right away and see what tickles your fancy. With ‘Cannabis a La Carte’ the browsing pleasure is all yours – and for December you can take advantage of double Eucalyptus Points on the entire Positronics Seed Bank range, too. Now that’s an offer worth shouting about!


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