Regular Marijuana Seeds: What Are They?

Mar 24, 16 Regular Marijuana Seeds: What Are They?

Regular Marijuana Seeds: a brief introduction to what makes a marijuana seed regular, and where to buy cheap marijuana seeds online.

Regular marijuana seeds are weed seeds that have an equal chance of producing male or female plants. Their importance has dwindled in recent years owing to the rise in feminised seeds, yet they still have a huge part to play, remaining popular with cultivators who like to produce their own seeds, and with purists who don’t quite trust the feminisation process.

For fans of regular weed seeds there is the twin difficulty of producing their own bud and the stash of seeds for the following year’s crop. That said, the challenge is not too difficult for the experienced hand, and can be quite enjoyable. Male plants are identified and separated from the females, with the pollen taken and stored for later use. The gardener can select the pollen from the best plants and use it to pollinate chosen females.

Once pollinated, the females will start producing seeds, so it is hugely important that the gardener takes steps to ensure his or her entire crop doesn’t become accidentally pollinated. The rewards are, obviously, quite satisfying, but must be measured against the equally obvious risks.

Although regular marijuana seeds have become less popular than they used to be, they remain an important part of the cannabis seed industry. GYO Seedbank has a great range of regular weed seeds for sale – especially if you are looking for cheap cannabis seeds online.

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