Breeder of the Month: Sensi Seeds – Part One

May 31, 17 Breeder of the Month: Sensi Seeds – Part One

We are delighted to announce Sensi Seeds as our Breeder of the Month for June, and would like to tell you a little more about this wonderful seed bank in a 3 part blog, starting – you guessed it – right now! And what better place to begin than with the man who started it all, Ben Dronkers.

The extent to which parents can impact the likes, loves and predispositions of a child can often be overlooked but for Ben Dronkers the influence is clear. His mother was as keen a gardener as his father was enterprising, and it is little wonder that Ben, the owner and founder of Sensi Seeds, became such a respected figurehead in the cannabis industry.

Ben’s first steps towards international commerce came with a Rotterdam boutique, which he opened in the 1970s to sell exclusively homemade clothes. He began making regular trips to Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan where he sourced textiles but also grew familiar with the versatility of hemp and cannabis in general. Ben had a natural interest in recreational marijuana, and he began to cultivate both his ideas and the cannabis seeds he had been gifted by local farmers, travelling extensively in South East Asia and all over the Asian sub-continent on his quest for genetics.

Ben oversaw the rise, in Amsterdam, of high-quality cannabis over the usual second-rate Moroccan hash, and he began crossing his strains and selecting for attributes such as yield, flowering time, flavour and vigour. He was acutely aware, however, both from his travels abroad and his experiences back home, of the grating dissonance between the prohibitive actions of governments and the peaceable, spiritual philosophies of his fellow weed aficionados. This discord fuelled a rebelliousness in Ben, and he took it upon himself to fight the corner of medicinal and recreational cannabis, to give voice to a generation and to ridicule the tendency of western media to stigmatise both marijuana and industrial hemp.

We are huge fans of Sensi Seeds, of the way they are managed, their philosophy, and most of all, their seeds. As part of this featured serialisation, we are offering double Eucalyptus Points on the entire Sensi Seeds range, including their much-loved Big Bud and Jack Herer strains, for the whole of June.

This is a terrific offer for any fan of high-quality, affordable online marijuana seeds, and spreading the news will earn you lucky devils even more Eucalyptus Points. Sharing is caring!!!

Next week: Ben Dronkers behind bars.

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