Skunk Cannabis: A Brief History.

Mar 24, 16 Skunk Cannabis: A Brief History.

Skunk cannabis: everything you need to know about Skunk cannabis seeds and associated Skunk cannabis strains and Skunk weed.

Skunk cannabis is a much-loved strain with origins going way back to the 1970’s, yet its name has grown a wide and wholly inaccurate usage as an alternative, generic term for marijuana. This is in danger of undermining the entire history of the Skunk cannabis strain, so it is important that people become reacquainted with what is one of the classiest strains of all time.

The Skunk name has been supported by certain seedbanks, indeed, Dutch Passion trademarked their own Skunk #1 in order to preserve its true heritage. Other, leading seedbanks have also been keen to stress which of their strains carry a true, Skunk heritage, but there are far too many banks incorrectly labelling their strains as Skunk, when it is clear they are genetically nowhere near.

Original Skunk strains are strong, high-yielding and versatile. They can be grown in all sorts of conditions and will thrive indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. This is marijuana created with potency and yield in mind, and the plant was selected and reselected for its low leaf-to-bud ratio, chunky bud growth and pungent, skunky aroma – evident in all, true Skunks. Lemon Skunk cannabis, when purchased from a reputable breeder, takes this gorgeously funky aroma and adds a citrus twist, highly recommended.

Skunk #1 was refined and stabilised in the 1970’s and has been a full breeding variety at Dutch Passion since 1978. The only arguable downside to the Skunk cannabis strain is that the density of the bud clusters may cause it to be vulnerable to mould towards the end of flowering, but most agree this is a small price to pay for such luxurious growth.

The genetics of Skunk are such that the strain has been used substantially in cross-breeding and in the creation of new hybrids such as Lemon Skunk, Super Skunk and Orange Bud. Its qualities are indisputable and it is little wonder the name has spread as a generic term for any sort of strong, potent weed. It is vital to remain cautious, however, in choosing the right Skunk, and to pay attention to the true genetic heritage of the strain. Sites such as are brilliant sources of this sort of information, and help greatly when trying to choose a Skunk that can trace its breeding directly back to original lines.

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