Smoking cannabis at events and protests

Jan 10, 18 Smoking cannabis at events and protests

It seemed like a better idea to mention an event such as a protest by name as opposed to a gig or some such place you would/may smoke marijuana. We see in America, particularly, that smoking a joint at your first gig or party is almost like a rite of passage, well that’s what movies would have you believe anyway plus most Americans I have ever spoken to seem to have a much more liberal attitude to marijuana than us Brits. Growing up in Britain, commonly, our only exposure to marijuana, up until a certain age, is hearing of arrests in the news or seeing people smoke it in American buddy movies/coming of age films. This means that a lot of the time we have a certain level of expectation for smoking marijuana.

For instance there have been many times when I was younger that we would begin rolling a joint or even have bud on us at parties and this would cause us to be kicked out of a party or just have to be very cautious as people aren’t that open to the idea of smoking marijuana up until the age of around 18, at which point people realise it’s hardly a ‘dangerous drug’ as previously thought. The amount of times I have been looked down upon for smoking marijuana at a party let alone a gig is ridiculous.

Then this brings me onto the topic of protests, over the weekend, as I’m pretty sure you all know, protests have taken place all over the world mainly in opposition to Donald Trump’s misogyny and many, many other flaws and missteps. In all the ones in America I have seen things about people handing out joints and the such with very little hassle from any sort of law enforcement. Yet if that were to happen over here it would be more likely to be documented by the media as an outright breach of law, therefore forcing protests to be shut down etc. Obviously I imagine people were smoking marijuana, however, there was no media documentation as there was in America.

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